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White Labeled

Let your organization take the spotlight with none of our branding on your portal.

Superior Security

Our secure server will prevent unauthorized access to your quizzes and prevents cheating by eliminating the opportunity to print screen or copy and paste while logged into an assessment.

Students Sign Up Easily

Access detailed data about your assessments, including completion time and scores, and investigate trends found amongst students or quizzes.

Customizable Certificates

Design and create certificates customized with logos, fonts, and signatures. Our certificates are professional and visually appealing.

Detailed Reports

Detailed information on exams such as completed or pending by date time, score, groups and names.

Excel Uploading

Offline authoring from excel is easily done here. Your valuable question banks and the lengthy candidate details can be uploaded from excel.

Save & Manage all Files

Save and store all of your necessary files in our cloud. By managing all of your relevant documents and diagrams in one place, they will be at your fingertips when you need them.

Data Exporting

Export your data easily into useful formats, such as Excel documents. See what students are answering which questions incorrectly.

Instructor Accounts

Assign access rights to each instructor such as exam managers, data entry operators or content providers.

Awesome Support

We would love to assist you in any query and would surely solve them at priority with email or phone support.

Custom Email Templates

You can design your own email templates such as welcome, exam-info, and notification emails.


Integrate any SMS API and send SMS to your registered candidates right away from your account.

Exam Testing offers affordable examination software for administrative and student use. Ideal for creating quizzes, mock exams, multiple choice tests and more, Exam Testing offers advanced software with numerous features, that include full detail reports and affordable packages that suit different needs. The software offers a variety of question types such as multiple choice, drag and match, essay questions and more so that students stay engaged. The software is also suitable for preparatory exams. Students can use the tutor mode in test maker to strengthen their mental capacity and get accurate results of their assessment and scores. Check out the free trial on our online exam test software!

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