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Our Exam Testing Online Exam Software.

The terms that govern the manner in which the provider delivers services or products to the customer is solely between the customer and the provider. No third party beneficiaries are allowed. These terms give no rights to any unauthorized third party unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, by the provider.

Exam Testing takes the privacy of our customers' content and information very seriously and will take many measures to protect said information from unauthorized access by third parties or illegal distribution of information.

Services and products are dependent on external factors. These factors may include but are not limited to networks, servers, and third party tools. Should an unplanned circumstance arise that caused any problems or issues for the customer, Exam Testing will do our absolutely best to remedy the problem but may be subject to the previously listed external factors that are out of our hands.

The following terms and conditions of use govern interactions between Exam Testing (the provider) and Exam Testing customers. These conditions apply to Exam Testing online exam services and associated products. These Terms of Use are effective immediately upon customer registration with the provider and are liable to change at any time based on the discretion of the provider. Any changes made to the Terms of Use become effective for the customer thirty (30) days following the posting of the new, revised terms.

Products and Services

In the event of software error or malfunction, Exam Testing will attempt to resolve the issue in a timely manner for the customer. We understand the strict timelines that may be involved with creating or administering exams.

Subscription Term

The customer, upon registration, agrees to a one year term for the provider's services which is to begin on the date that the order is placed. When the account expiration date approaches, the provider will contact the customer to notify them of the upcoming expiration. The customer will be given a one week (seven day) grace period following account expiration to cancel their services with the provider. During this time period, customers may cancel their account by contacting the provider to inform them of their desire to terminate the account.

The provider is under no obligation to refund any monetary fees that have been paid in advance by the customer.

So long as the customer follows the outlined terms and conditions that have been designated, the provider, Exam Testing, agrees to provide the customer a user account for its online exam services on a private server. Should a planned change occur within the provider's organization or network, reasonable notice shall be given to the customer in advance to inform them of the changes. The customer agrees to ensure that up to date, accurate information is given to the provider upon registration with the site, ensuring that customer identification is accurate. The customer will be accountable for all content managed in their account and will notify Exam Testing of any unauthorized access or security breaches to the account in a timely manner. Exam Testing will not be held responsible for loss or damage that is incurred due to failure to provide Exam Testing with accurate, up to date information or negligence in maintaining account security.

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