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API Guide

Register New User In Classroom

Add new user in classroom using their Email or ID with the help of this API method.

Endpoint URL http://api.examtesting.com/ManageCandidate.aspx?action=add

Request Method POST/ GET

Request Format STRING

URL Parameters

Name Required Type Description
action Yes String Add
Institutionid Yes String Institute id
Apikey Yes String Api key
ApiPass Yes String Api password
stusID No String Student ID
groupName Yes String Student group name
Status No String True – enable user, False-disable user
firstname No String User's first name
lastname No String User's last name
street No String Street name
city No String City name
state No String State
zip No String Zip
country No String Country
mobile No String Mobile
phone No String Phone
email Yes String Email
username Yes String Student user name
password Yes String Student password

Response Format STRING

Response on Success

Response Fields Description
Status Will return either "SUCCESS" or "ERROR"
StudentId ID of student

Response on Success

Responses on Error

Error Fields Description
status In case of error, this field will always contains string "ERROR"
Reason Multiple reasons
Validation error/error code Validation error comes when required field is not supplied / error with code comes when required field is not valid
error Descriptive error message

Error Codes and Descriptions

Error Code Error message Description
ERROR 1001 Action is invalid Only supported actions are add and update
ERROR 1002 Institution Id is invalid If Institution Id is invalid
ERROR 1003 Invalid Api Credentials Invalid Api user name or password
ERROR 1004 Student ID is invalid Student ID is invalid
ERROR 1005 Group Name is invalid If student group name does not match with records
ERROR 1006 Status is invalid Only supported actions True /False
ERROR 1007 Username already exist If user name already exist
ERROR 1008 Maximum Student count is reached. You cannot add more students If Maximum student limit exceeded as per plan

Example Error Response

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