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Factors to consider when creating exam papers

Most people often think of exams as only a way of testing an individual's comprehension of materials. However, exams serve more than one purpose.

As an instructor, you need to be aware of why you are testing your students and what you want the test to help make the individual's experience. Therefore, design a challenging yet fair exam that accurately gauges your students’ experiences.

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How Quizzes Can Help You Evaluate the Results of Employee Training

Quizzes can be essential part of making sure that you deliver good, quality, concise and enjoyable training to your employees. in this context, a quiz refers to more of a questionnaire rather than an exam-style quiz. 

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How Testing in Real-time Can Help Improve Student Performance

At the end of each semester, educators use exams to evaluate students. Exams serve as a summative way to gauge how much knowledge each student has acquired. It is possible to measure student performance and store the results for future reference. 

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A Practical Approach: How to Get Ready for an Online Examination

Exam preparation and revision are the essential factors influencing the success of a student. All learners with the desire to excel or achieve their online courses' objective must take their revision seriously.But thorough revision is not an easy task for both the instructors and students. This article willguide students through exam revision and preparation.

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Meet the 6 Types of File Formats & Discover When to Use Each

In IT or computer studies, a file format is defined by how the data within is stored or organized. Certain file formats have various indications to ease the file search, for example, the file name extension or suffix. For simpler identification, the extension normally has at least four letters separated from the name by a period.

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Interact Better With Your Distant Students: 5 Things to Look for in Learning Management Systems

Effective tutor-learner engagement is important in sustaining a supportive learning environment. ELearning classrooms depend on a learning management system (LMS) to achieve this smooth communication. Educational platforms that use an ineffective tool or fail to implement one may fail to achieve their primary purpose—(which is) to impart skills and knowledge.

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Project-based learning offers more opportunity than traditional learning

Project-based learning, commonly known as PBL, is a type of instructional education that requires learners to practice the skills and knowledge they learn in class. PBL creates an opportunity for advanced learning, and it also improves important skills that prepare learners for their future career life.

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Proofreading an Essay: How to Do it Right!

Every student must master how to proofread an essay because such assignments make a big part of many curriculums. Proofreading goes deeper than catching obvious mistakes. And many of us fail because when reading, the eyes move in jumps known as saccades. That means the eyes focus only on a few words and only ever appear in the peripheral vision.

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Is Your Employee Training Strategy Effective and Cost-effective?

Companies or institutions use training and assessment programs to improve employee productivity. Training and coaching help them learn new and specific knowledge that will help them improve their performance in their duties and responsibilities. 

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Is Your HR Team Making these 12 Common Recruitment Mistakes?

Recruiting staff may seem like a simple task, but is often very expensive and can lead to time wastage and losses if not planned properly. As much as the exercise is exciting to the shortlisted candidates, it may be so tiring and costly to the organization.

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