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Math Related Anxiety and how to reduce it

People may have one of two relationships with math. Either they love it or they hate it. There is no in between. It may sound awkward but students shy away from math and they carry this shyness on throughout their life. They never get to know what they can truly accomplish and just let it pass as a phase of their life.

study was done on math anxiety where first and second grade students were asked how they felt when taking a big math test. After a considerable number of days, they took a math test involving simple fractions, telling the time, money word problems etc. Nearly half of the 154 students in the survey had anxiety levels skewed towards the red end. 

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Why Creating Quizzes Builds Online Following for Businesses

Online quizzes have been around for a long time (in the tech and social media world). And they’re definitely not going away any time soon. Audience engagement seems like a pretty vague term but it’s crucial for the success of every business. When the content you dish out strikes the right chord with your target audience, they put their energies interacting with you. Quizzes seem to mesmerize audiences across the board. Quizzes have proven to be a good generator of high quality leads for the business. But why is that so. We are here to find that out.

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How to Engage your Audience with Web Quizzes

The power of the social media tool is being harnessed as we speak. Individuals and businesses alike are making themselves known in the world. With the huge amount of content on the web, it’s difficult to find something unique to appeal to your audience. A recent trend that has spiked is to make a quiz that relates to the audience to generate traffic.

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Coming up with a great Supply Chain Quiz for University Level

How to come up with a Great Quiz on Supply Chain for your University Class

Supply chain has become a field of choice for many students, and as such, it has increasingly become more important in this era of multi-national corporations. Even university courses for the subject are highly technical and call for more rigorous testing. Quizzes are one way to evaluate how well your students have grasped the key takeaways from your lectures.

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What Classroom tests can teachers make using test maker.

Academia is advancing at a rapid pace and so is technology. The classroom is transforming at all levels— from elementary and secondary, and all the way to university thanks to adaptation of newer teaching methods and better technologies being used by teachers. Teaching students is not what it used to be a decade ago. Teachers use online testing software such as a test maker to examine a student’s progress because of its flexibility, practicality and near instant feedback.

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The Quiz Maker: Designing an Effective Online Corporate Assessment Test

The Quiz Maker: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Corporate Training Module 

The e-learning technology has transcended beyond the paradigms of academic discipline. Organizations and the corporate sector, too, are leveraging the technology to train their employees. With the help of an online training program, an organization can conveniently equip its workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for on-job challenges. As such, it is important that a comprehensive online assessment test is designed to measure the effectiveness of the imparted training. The assessment test further helps an organization: 

  • To make changes to the existing training program if the measured outcomes are not favorable.
  • To measure the ROI of the training program, a strong indicator of the effectiveness of any deployed project. 

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The Wonders of a Quiz Maker: Why You Should Opt for Paperless Assessments?

An Examiner’s Perspective: Making a Case for Paperless Assessments

Online exams or paperless tests are being increasingly incorporated as part of assessment systems across various disciplines to assess the knowledge and expertise of a candidate in their respective fields. However, the tales of wide scale adoption has been characterized with its fair share of commas. 

The detractors have criticized the implementation of online assessments since the technology was originally introduced; their argument at that time was that the generation of candidates was not technology savvy. Time progressed and with it, so did our digital maturity and adeptness with technological solutions. Today, as a society, we have all embraced this technological revolution as part of our assessment systems. More and more examiners are using online exam software to conduct their evaluation process. 

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The Quiz Maker: Designing an HR Personality Quiz

Gone are the days when employers used to hire employees only on the basis of their qualification, experience, skills and good reference reports. 

We have moved from the period where employees were graded and consequently transferred from one team into another team within the organization based on their performances.

Time has taught us many things and as decision makers we have come to realize that there exists another important attribute, the innate personality of an employee, which needs to be taken into account.

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The Quiz Maker: True-False MCQs or One Best Answer MCQs?

Multiple choice questions based assessments have long been a part of our examination system. Whether it’s a competitive exam for assessing an individual’s admission application or an academic exam to gauge their knowledge about a subject, MCQs are often the preferred assessment tool.  With the view to overcome their inherent flaws, many variations of MCQs have developed over time. And, when the choice comes to select a variant for incorporation, examiners are often found struggling.

Today, we will be comparing the two most popular variants of this assessment tool, the True-False MCQs and One Best Answer Mcqs, to help our readers in determining the better option. This is “The Quiz Maker” blogging series (The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment)

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The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment

The benefits of an online MCQs based quiz are well-documented, with a number of articles exploring the subject. For examiners who want to assess the knowledge of their students, both on fundamental level and advanced level of cognitive thinking, an online MCQ-based quiz is an interesting and convenient option to help them achieve their objective. That being said, the first timers are often found pondering over the question:

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