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Quiz Software and Preparing for a CPA Exam

A certified public accountant (CPA) is licensed to provide specialized accounting services directly to the public. In order to become a CPA, you need to pass an exam and fulfill certain requirements such as obtaining certain hours of work experience. It is recommended to use quiz software to test your knowledge regularly while studying for this license.

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Online Exam Software and Self Testing

All of us have different study habits with specific routines that we think work best for us. While there is no scientific study that has studied all the study techniques, one study method that has constantly proved effective is self-testing using a quiz maker.

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Online Testing Software and Test Strategies

Taking tests is not the favorite thing for the majority of people. It even stresses some out to know that their instructor may make a quiz. However, it's an indispensable part of life. During school and college years, test scores determine whether a student could take advanced courses. Even during adulthood, tests are a critical part of the pre-employment assessment. 

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Test Preparation Tips | Healthy Diets to Boost Scores

Taking care of your diet it is important as it will impact your performance and abilities when it comes to exam day. A good diet and lifestyle choices are sure going to leave you feeling balanced, energetic and stable. The brain consumes as much as 50% of your body’s fat. Your body and mind release certain chemicals (such as serotonin and dopamine) that have effects in your daily behavior, so try eating the right food that gives you the right results. Let’s take a look at some health-focused test preparation tips.

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6 Common reasons for poor exam scores

So, you took your exams and didn’t perform very well. You struggled during your study period, and now that they have gone by, you’re struggling again, repeating the mistakes you made before. There may even be some mistakes you don’t even know you are making. Let’s talk about some of these and we might help you do better in your studies. Why do students fail exams? This is a topic that has been debated on, talked about among scholarly circles, and has been a subject of many research studies.  

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Quiz Maker Tips & Strategies | Our 5 Essential Tips

Quizzes can be used for various purposes, such as assessing student’s knowledge of a topic, evaluating employees’ aptitude, conducting surveys, or just for fun. The word “quiz” has always been associated either with learning, market research, or an engaging, fun activity.

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Top 5 SAT Exam Preparation Pitfalls

SAT exams are a reality for most students. Despite a number of criticisms about the effectiveness of the test in measuring a student's scholastic aptitude, the fact is that most students have no other option than to take a test for securing admission in college.


SAT tests are not easy. You need to prepare well for the exam. Here we have listed five mistakes that you should avoid when preparing for the college entrance exam. 

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Make Learning for Children Fun with Online Quizzes.

Digital world has evolved by leaps and bounds. Children, today, are well capable of navigating their way through internet. Some children are a step ahead from their parents when it comes to internet skills. According to a study, children start using internet from the age of three, in the present age. 

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Master the Art of Creating a Great Quiz with These Tips.

Quizzes can be used for various purposes, such as assessing student’s knowledge of a topic, evaluating employees’ aptitude, conducting surveys, or just for having fun. The word “quiz” has always been associated either with learning, marketing or an engaging, fun activity.

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Preparing for a psychological test.

The job seekers’ market is becoming ever more complex as we progress. It is becoming so in an attempt to further refine the candidate screening process and find the best (human) resources for the job. One should note that the saying that there are no right or wrong answers with psychological tests is only half true; scores are assigned based on a particular type of personality – thus the preferred personality type will get a higher score. Employers simply seek to recruit those who are the right fit for the job. 

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