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Why You Should Only Use ‘Online Exam Software’

Some of the ‘mission critical’ watchwords in just about any higher education examination and assessment program include accuracy, validity, integrity, security, and overall quality of the test. All of this is only possible with the help ofonline exam software.  This is because such a system is almost completely foolproof when it comes to tampering and cheating—issues thathave plagued the more traditional ‘paper and ink’ testing system.  Apart from the above, there are many additional benefits of using various top-end online exam software programs.

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What You Need to Know About Examination Software Before You Choose the Ideal One

There was a time whenteachers and recruitersspenthours jotting down the most relevant questions in order to test students and candidatesabout their knowledge of the subject matter.

Once they were done deciding on the questions, they would proofread them while checking them for any repetition. After that, the examination authority had to start the onerous process of finding and hiringthe rightinvigilators and thenactually conducting the test itself. And finally,they would have to collect all the answer sheets and check each and every one of them manually.

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What Exactly is Online Testing Software and Why is it Preferable to Paper Tests?


Previously, all students in most institutions of higher learning were forced to take ink and paper-basedtests only. Apart from the usual formality(applicable to both instructors and their students alike) of being present at a particular testing center, there were a lot of other problems that had to be solvedin order to get through the examination successfully.


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The Salient Features of Using Quiz Software as a Potent Recruitment Tool

Today, more and more recruiters, in both the public and the private sectors, are using different types of quiz software to gauge both the capability as well as the suitability of the prospective candidates. This is principally due to the convenience and money saving benefits that such software offers to the recruitment agencies. Let us see how such quiz software is helping businesses in their recruitment process.

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The Online Test Maker: A Truly Great Innovation for Teachers and Students Alike

The onlinetest makeror test creator is a tool that helps both recruiters and teachers to easily create and assign various online tests to students and potential recruits alike. One of the key advantages of any sort of online test is that it can be scheduled whenever it is convenient. However, there is more to online tests than convenience. Since the test is graded automatically, it can effectively eliminate any charges of favoritism. This means that the test creator will never be exposed to any accusations of providing undue advantage to a particular student.

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The Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Online Testing Software

Online testing software has been slowly but steadily taking over the world of academia. Let us check out the different pros and cons of using such software to conduct exams and tests.

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The Key Advantages of Using a Test Maker to Create Mock Exams

For those who are used toink and paper exams, the shift froma conventional approach to an online test makermightturn out to be adaunting task. However, the many benefits that you can enjoy with such a test creator can easily outweigh all yourreservations.

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Using Algorithms to Create the Best Possible Quiz

Online exam software is a means of conducting a test onlinein order to measure the knowledge and skill levels of the participants of the exam. Such software can be used to test a student on a given topic, or any number of topics.

In order to make a quiz really successful, the quiz creators can use various algorithms that can help to create that perfect test. These algorithms are able to randomly pick and choose relevant questions for just about any online exam software. Let us see how such algorithms work in a quiz:

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Quiz Software: Helping Instructors Create the Perfect Exam

Most aspects of online quizsoftware tend to be intuitive, even for first time users. Nevertheless, thetremendous importance of acquiring better grades in an exam makes it very important that the instructors are abletoutilize their quiz software to their maximum potential. 

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Using Algorithms to Create the Perfect Quiz for The Upcoming Exam Season

Using a set of algorithms can easily add a whole new world of value to your quiz. You can assign individual values to various questions that you will use when you decide to make a quiz. There are different types of algorithms that can help you create the best quiz possible.

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