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3 Reasons Why You Need to Make a Quiz Online to Increase Audience Interaction

Audience interaction and engagement is necessary for a business, especially in the online market place. Business interaction can translate into sales, generate leads and also increase brand awareness of the product.

 In fact, a study by the Content Marketing Institute highlights that around 87% of all marketing professionals found that using interactive content allows them to grab the attention of their target audience more effectively.

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How Online Quizzes Accelerate Student Engagement

We all know the grueling stress that consumes us the night before the final exams. Even for the best of us, anxiety and panic are real. The only proven tactic to reduce the trepidation that comes with exams is to prepare for the exams and the environment.

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What is Online Exam Software and How Is It Superior to Paper Exams?


There was a time when all students were forced to takeink and paper based exams only. This created a lot of problems and formalities for both exam-creators as well as the students who took these exams. But all that is past history and now many educational institutions have adoptedonline exam software, thanks to its many benefits and conveniences that its usage can provide to both educational institutes and candidates.


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The Major Advantages of Using ‘Online Exam Software’ For All of Your Examination and Testing Needs

In many educational institutions as well as online programs, there are various assessment-related issues, such as overall integrity, accuracy, security, validity, and quality of the online assessment. Conversely, there is a veritable plethora of benefits of using online exam software. Some of these benefits include the following:

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The Main Benefits of Using aTest Maker to Create That Perfect Mock Exam

Carrying out assessments online might seem to be a really daunting task. However, the many advantages that online testing provides outweigh any perceived drawbacks. This is why using a test creator should be a great motivation for most instructors and teachers, alike. Apart from being able to create databanks of questions, quizzes and tests, such a test maker can also perform instant calculations and the subsequent analysis of their results. Furthermore, ahighly flexible delivery method and the ability to enrich test material (by addingimages and online links, documents, and videos), are other great benefits of using an online test maker software program.

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How to Minimize the Odds of Cheating in Online Exams

While online test makers have recently gained a lot of popularity among students across the globe, a majority of academic institutes and corporations are unable to rely on them. The reason behind this is the alleged belief that online exams allow participants to cheat because of a lack of physical surveillance. In fact, as per examiners, there is a risk of cheating even when all the participants are made to take exams in a prescribed area with surveillance. How? By having full access to the internet and peeking into each other’s computer screens.

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How to Choose the Very Best Examination Software Out There?

There was a time when teachers and instructors alike used to spend hours burning the proverbial ‘midnight oil’, selecting and writing the relevant questions for mid-term exams, hourlies, etc.The traditional ink and paper examinations have always been time-consuming. Proofreading question papers, double checking repetition of questions, hiring invigilators, taking the test physically, and checking it manually is a long and cumbersome process.

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Best Practices for Online Testing Software: What You Can Do to Create That Perfect Test

Many aspects of online testing software are intuitive. However, the sheer importance of good test grades in most classes and the variety of situations that the students may encountermake it imperative to understand the standard best practices for online testing software. Some of the typical ones include the following:

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4 Tips to Prepare for an Exam When Working a Full- Time Job

Studying while working a full-time job can be one of the most challenging aspects of life. However, the rewards are generally more than worth it. By getting a degree, you can increase your chances of getting a good promotion.

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4 Tips for a New Teacher to Make an Amazing First Impression


A teaching job can be one of the most rewarding career opportunities, but the first few days on the new job can be nerve racking. In a lot of schools, student evaluation is increasingly becoming a critical part of teaching assessment. So you should focus on making a good first impression on your students.

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