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Developing a psychological test

A psychological test is a standardized measure of an individual’s performance of defined tasks. The development of psychological tests is a highly specialized process and should be performed by a team of experienced professionals. Those who are qualified to carry out these test are called psychometricians, most of them are psychologists with advanced graduate training. The process itself is difficult and lengthy, but we will try to explain it in brief here. Testing is the measurement of human knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. It is also called psychometrics.

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Employee aptitude tests

Employee aptitude tests are one of the best indicators of a candidate’s performance potential once he has been selected. They are an even more accurate indicator than actual interviews, according to Heneman and Judge, Staffing Organizations, (4th edition). Tests can be designed specifically in line with the employer’s needs. They reveal their true value to a company, while also giving the candidates an insight into the employer’s requirements upon taking the test.  

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Preparing for a psychological test

The job seekers’ market is becoming ever more complex as we progress. It is becoming so in an attempt to further refine the candidate screening process and find the best (human) resources for the job. One should note that the saying that there are no right or wrong answers with psychological tests is only half true; scores are assigned based on a particular type of personality – thus the preferred personality type will get a higher score. Employers simply seek to recruit those who are the right fit for the job.

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The Quiz Maker: Designing an HR Personality Quiz

Gone are the days when employers used to hire employees only on the basis of their qualification, experience, skills and good reference reports. 

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The Quiz Maker: True-False MCQs or One Best Answer MCQs?

Multiple choice questions based assessments have long been a part of our examination system. Whether it’s a competitive exam for assessing an individual’s admission application or an academic exam to gauge their knowledge about a subject, MCQs are often the preferred assessment tool.  With the view to overcome their inherent flaws, many variations of MCQs have developed over time. And, when the choice comes to select a variant for incorporation, examiners are often found struggling.

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The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment

The benefits of an online MCQs based quiz are well-documented, with a number of articles exploring the subject. For examiners who want to assess the knowledge of their students, both on fundamental level and advanced level of cognitive thinking, an online MCQ-based quiz is an interesting and convenient option to help them achieve their objective. That being said, the first timers are often found pondering over the question: 

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The Quiz Maker: Developing a Viral Marketing Quiz

Welcome to another blog from “The Quiz Maker” series, where we will be discussing strategies and tips on how to create an online quiz that can reinforce your digital marketing endeavors and supplement your marketing campaigns. Traditionally, we have focused on topics (hyperlink to blog titled, “The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment”) from academic point of view. This time we wanted to reinvent our focus and facilitate our readers who work as marketers or assume responsibilities of a corporate leader in their everyday lives, looking for ways to support their digital marketing campaigns. 

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Let’s Make a Quiz: Designing an Effective Quiz For Anatomy Students

Welcome to the second blog of our “Let’s Make a Quiz” series, where we will be discussing strategies to design an effective quiz for anatomy students in a digital environment. For our readers who want to know more about “Let’s Make a Quiz” blog series and its first publication, please click here (hyperlink click here to the blog titled, “Let’s Make a Quiz: Designing an Effective Quiz for STEM Education”)

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4 Best Practices for Online Teaching

Online teachers can have one of the most difficult or most interesting jobs ever. They way they deliver their lectures and classes has less than half the impact on the overall performance of the students.

They need to be mentally present, motivate students to learn, constantly engage with them, and discuss and review content with them regularly, among other things. They have to give feedback and establish communities for better learning. They even have to administer timely tests that they can prepare using a test creator or a quiz maker.

Some useful tactics and practices can come in handy in the process. The following practices may help the teachers be more effective in teaching online courses.

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Boost the Student’s intellect by using Quiz makers

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein.

It’s a given that everyone develops at their own pace in student life. But that doesn’t mean you cannot involve those students who are struggling in keeping the pace. A quiz maker is a fantastic tool to get started with stimulating the minds of young students. They are already in front of the screen most of the time; why not use that to your advantage?

Technology has advanced with phenomenal pace and there is surely a quiz maker that teachers can use to make a quiz. These quizzes can be anything from science to languages, even arts. This means that kids can understand and have fun in the quizzes while they are learning.

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