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How can Online Testing Tools Help with Different Assessment Methods

Teaching is not an easy task. Preparing and delivering valuable content to students requires spending a lot of time on them. Add to this the vehement procedure of assessing the students and a teacher’s job becomes extremely difficult. Using online exam software can help a lot with the assessment part of the job. However, knowing and understanding various types of assessment can help a lot when it comes to selecting reliable online testing software. Given below are the three types of assessment methods and understanding these can make online assessment a lot easier than the traditional testing methods.

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How an Online Exam Software can assist Teachers

One of the basic purposes of a formal education is to test the student’s skills at the end of the academic year. Moreover, some quizzes are also given for assessing the student’s prior knowledge so that future goals are set according to that. Therefore, a major portion of a teacher’s time and energy is spent in developing these tests. Traditional testing also requires a lot of expenditure on providing stationary and infrastructure to the students. A unique alternative to the traditional testing procedure is to make use of online testing software to make a quiz.

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How to prevent cheating in online testing software

Even though online test makers provide numerous benefits such as ease of access, reliability and faster results, they are often criticized for having little to no control mechanisms for cheating. Many observers note that it’s extremely easy for students to cheat their way through an assessment as there is no physical invigilator present to monitor them. In a survey conducted by Bernard Bull of the Concordia University of Wisconsin, 40% of respondents admitted to cheating on online exam software. However, the survey was conducted a few years ago, when online test makers were still in their infancy. Today, these platforms use several control measures to ensure fair assessment. These include:

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Online Examination Software and Learning

A few decades ago, nobody could have imagined how well technology will integrate with our daily lives, completely changing the way we communicate, assess and search for information. While we can’t possibly predict what the future holds for us, one thing is for certain; most of what we see around us will go digital. One of these things is assessment testing, which is expected to be completely digitalized within the next few years. Online testing software is in high demand even now as a rising number of institutions and enterprises have started to see the numerous benefits that they offer. But with this massive change in the way we assess candidates, one has to wonder how it’s going to affect them. Here are a few possibilities:

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Effectively administrating an online MCQ test

Multiple choice questions are perhaps the most commonly used form of assessment, whether on online testing software or pen and paper. This is due to the numerous benefits they offer such as ease of administration, tallying as well as the immediate results that they project. While the format has been used by examination boards for more than 5 decades, designing an effective MCQ test isn’t as easy as it may seem. Here are a few things you should consider when designing multiple choice questions using quiz software.

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What to look for in an online testing platform

There’s no denying that online software testing is a better alternative to the traditional pen and paper method of assessment, being faster, convenient and more automated. However, as much as the field of examination software has progressed in the last few years, not all quiz makers are made equal. While some quiz makers go the extra mile to make sure testing is fair and unbiased, others may still be unpolished and may leave out a lot to be desired. Listed below are a few things you should be on the lookout for when short listing a test maker platform.

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Why Teachers should use Quiz Maker in Classrooms

Online quizzes are the perfect way teachers can assess their students. It’s a great way to test how much subject matter students are retaining. With a quiz maker, teachers can assess students not only in an effective, but also in a fun way. Quizzes are great way teachers can assess their students.

By testing your students several times with different types and styles of exam questions, they become used to answering questions, which not only make them feel confident to face exams, but also make them know how to approach different questions. Quizzes also help your students to quickly test their understanding of a particular topic. It’s advisable that you let your students challenge their fellow classmates by sharing quizzes.

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What’s in Online Assessment Software for You?

Online assessment software is quickly replacing the traditional way of creating examination questionnaires and business instruction quizzes. There is no trace of doubt that this is a growing reality and eventually, all teachers in every level and setting of education will be using this new technology, or at least that’s what experts have predicted.

Gone are the days when business owners, teachers and quiz makers had to select and write questions with their hands, distribute them manually and spend hours marking them before grading and recording the same in grade books. Online assessment software saves time dramatically and makes it easier and more efficient for those tasked with assessing either students or employees.

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Should Teachers Use an Online Test Maker?

Education technology is transforming classrooms in a revolutionized manner. Whatever the level of education, from elementary schools to universities, teachers are using advanced technological tools to teach and test their students. Test maker is one of the technological tools that have become extremely popular among teachers today. Teachers use online test makers in almost all educational settings.

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Settings To Consider When Making your Own Quiz

It’s important to make practice quizzes for your students because they’ll help them prepare for the exam. Through practice quizzes, your students learn the material. It also help them gain the experience needed for taking exams. Practice quizzes reduce anxiety and allow learners to focus on the content when they’re taking a text.

When you’re making your own quizzes using a quiz maker, there are settings you should consider among them include:

Screen setting

When creating online practice quizzes for your students, consider how you want the display to appear. Do you want all quizzes to appear on one screen? Or do you want the screen to show just one question at a time. If you want to emphasize on topic continuity, all questions should show on screen at once. This allows learners to answer questions without necessarily having to move to another screen.


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