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How To Make Your Own Quiz And Publish It In 3 Steps

Here The Steps Involved To Planning and Publishing Your Quiz

Steps Of Making and Publishing Quiz

If you have always wondered about how people come up with quizzes and publish them, this is a must- read article for you. Online quiz making is the real thing today. No more manual testing of employees and even students. To keep up with the pace, you need to understand the whole process of making and publishing quizzes. It does not matter whether you are the assessor or the one to be assessed.


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5 Ways To Make A Quiz With Online Software

Ways To Make A Quiz Using Software

Having chosen the best online software for tests, you have the freedom to choose how you are going to make a quiz. You are not limited to one method, thanks to the technological advances in the computerized world. When you are deciding which online software to use when you want to design a quiz, make sure you go for one that supports multiple ways of making a quiz.


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How To Evaluate Interview Candidates With Online Test Software

Evaluate Candidates With Software

The traditional interviewing panel will soon fade into oblivion. Soon people will have to do their written, oral and aptitude tests online. However, this will not just happen. The best online test software will make it happen.

Candidates who log in to sites for evaluation come from all walks of life and picking all details about them are very important. Thus, the best online test is set to enable one to pick the best candidate for the position. Setting the right online test is key to getting the right person for a certain position. You will be surprised that a good online exam will capture more details and data about a person than you would ever get out of them in a face-to-face meeting.


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How Can You Make Your Online Examination Unbeatable?

Why The Best Examination Software Is Foolproof

The future is here, with the coming of the online examination software. Paperwork is gone and now, both the assessor and the assessed have an easier time accessing their exams online. By online, we mean that everything is purely online based, meaning that it is all on cloud and that with an Internet connection and an Internet enabled device, you can access the exam from anywhere in the world. This kind of flexibility, accessibility and usability shows that the digital era is finally with us on every front of our life.


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Why Features Are Important When Choosing Online Exam Software

Online Exam Software – Topmost Considerations

Finding a perfect online exam software is the real challenge for people out there who are looking for such. However, if you are looking for such, you have come to the right place. Here, we teach you everything that you need to know about choosing not only the right but the best exam software as well. There are many out there, granted, and since they all claim to be the best, you may find it a bit daunting to choose the best one, unless you have help such as we are giving you here now.


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What Benefits Can You Enjoy From A Candidate Management System?

Choosing A Perfect Candidate Management System

For recruiters, trainers, lecturers, teachers and others, choosing a good candidate management system is almost a matter of life and death. I mean, it is very important. Take for example, a case of the human resources manager of a large company that has many positions to be filled. It would be tedious to dig into the past of all the candidates who apply for the available positions. Now, the most sensible thing would be to invest in online testing software and then deploy it across board and see what data it picks up. What many people know is that a good candidate management system can pick up details that a panel of interviewers can miss.  

But what exactly is a candidate management system? This software is designed with just one reason only and that is to find, track and monitor the candidates applying for a certain position. It can also monitor their skills, academic qualifications and background. Usually, the candidate manager will be used mostly on the people who apply for work through a career portal. Simply said, this system is a godsend for recruiters who recruit people on behalf of companies.  


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Online Exam Testing in the Computer Age

The computer age is upon us. There was a time when the only computers available were sold to large corporations, government offices, and very wealthy people. Then the computer began to creep its way into the homes of average people, and soon the computer had taken over and now we use them to do our banking, talk to friends, do our work on them, check on our children’s progress at school, and even take online college courses.


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Creating Exams and Surveys that Attract More Participants

A lot of the time people do not take surveys because the surveys are dull and boring. People get tired of the endless questions long before they get to the end of the questions. We all know that surveys can help us to learn more about our brands and about our companies from the people who actual use the things we produce. There are some distinctive things you can do to create surveys that more people will complete.


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Customized Results in Percentages or Points

When you take a test, the instructors may tell you, for example, that you have answered eighty-seven percent of the questions accurately. Some instructors tell you that you have made a score of eighty-seven on the test. When you do exam testing online you can get results in the percentage of correct answers or in the numerical score, depending on the instructor.

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Exam Screen Customization Increases Participant Completion Rates

A lot of us do not really think that much about our exam screens when we are creating them. After all, exam testing screens are simply screens filled with questions and more than likely some multiple choice answers.


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