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What are Some of the Types of Assessment Tests?

Over the years, assessment tests have grown in popularity as an invaluable tool used by many companies all around the world to seek out the best candidates from a large talent pool for specific job roles. And it’s the internet that has made it all possible.

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What Are Online Personality Tests and Why They Are Important For Companies

Gone are the days when companies hired people based on only a good resume or some kind of expert recommendation. Even a personal interview is just one stage of the whole hiring process.


Nowadays, the approach is a bit different. Most companies now adopt a scientific approach which tends to focus more on the innate personality of the person applying for a job. This assessment is usually conducted over the internet and is commonly referred to as online personality tests.

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What Are Online Examination Software’s and Why Are They Important?

Since it became possible to administer online exams as we’ve seen in the last couple of years, conventional mode of examination has become outdated. And the reason for the massive decline is not far-fetched.

Compared to online assessment tools, paper-based exam is time consuming, expensive and often leaves a lot of room for error. This is why many organizations and institutions are making the transition. 

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Tips to help you in taking an Online Exam

It is not uncommon for some students to get tensed up when they have a prospect of sitting for an online examination. And the reason is not far-fetched.



The whole approach is alien to them and as such they don’t know what to expect in the exam neither do they have any idea about the kind of skills or strategy they need to excel in the assessment. 

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Online classes vs. Traditional classes: which one is harder?

One of the most frequently asked questions by students, especially those who are thinking about taking, is whether online classes are harder or easier than regular classes.


No doubt, completing an online program entails a lot but this doesn’t necessarily make it burdensome. 

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Key Things to Look For In an Online Examination Platform

The traditional examination process overtime has become quite strenuous, time consuming and out rightly difficult. This is because institutions have to go through the stress of choosing the perfect venue, hiring examiners and invigilators and also colossal amount of paper printing, which cost a whole lot of money.

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How to Use the Internet for Studies

It is difficult to imagine the possibility of doing anything in this modern age without the use of the internet. Every one of us now have it merged into our lifestyles, regardless of our age groups. 

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How to keep online Examination Platforms Secure

The traditional approach of writing examinations with pen and paper is gradually fazing out as online examination platforms continue to grow in popularity. Many schools and organizations are making the switch in an attempt to reduce the rigor and cost usually associated with administering paper based exams. 

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How online examination systems work

Over the years, the old manual procedure of conducting exams with paper and pen is gradually being replaced by online examination systems

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Choosing An Online Assessment Tool, What Features Should I Look For?

When you think about the rigor of “traditional” testing, as well as the investment of time and money it entails, you will be amazed at how much difference can be made by adopting the right technology. 

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