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Exam Screen Customization Increases Participant Completion Rates

A lot of us do not really think that much about our exam screens when we are creating them. After all, exam testing screens are simply screens filled with questions and more than likely some multiple choice answers.


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How Secure are Online Exams?

Online exam testing software is a relatively new concept to a large portion of people. Companies and instructors who are considering creating these tests often worry that their tests will not be secure. They worry that people will gain access to the test questions fraudulently and that the results of the people taking the examinations will be compromised because of this.


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Easy to Use Exam Testing Software for Customized Exams

Exam testing software includes many features so each business, teacher, or organization that needs to create an exam will have the tools and opportunities to create the exam they desire.

When you create an account on the exam testing website, you will get access to instructor accounts where you will go to create the examination and review the examinations that are taken. A lot of companies now have exams that they require prospective employees to take before the people are considered for job placement. This exam testing software allows companies to establish the exams they need to use in order to screen prospective clients.


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Welcome to Exam Testing,Inc. online exam software.

Welcome to Exam Testing, Inc. online exam software 6.00 launched today. We had been working for this project for years. On Exam Testing software we have added many power features. We have put whole new fresh look which can also work on all mobile devices. Exam Testing is an online exam software designed for institutes, business, higher educational and their candidates. It is simply and easy to use for administrator, instructor and candidates.

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