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The Quiz Maker: Designing an HR Personality Quiz

Gone are the days when employers used to hire employees only on the basis of their qualification, experience, skills and good reference reports. 

We have moved from the period where employees were graded and consequently transferred from one team into another team within the organization based on their performances.

Time has taught us many things and as decision makers we have come to realize that there exists another important attribute, the innate personality of an employee, which needs to be taken into account.

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The Quiz Maker: True-False MCQs or One Best Answer MCQs?

Multiple choice questions based assessments have long been a part of our examination system. Whether it’s a competitive exam for assessing an individual’s admission application or an academic exam to gauge their knowledge about a subject, MCQs are often the preferred assessment tool.  With the view to overcome their inherent flaws, many variations of MCQs have developed over time. And, when the choice comes to select a variant for incorporation, examiners are often found struggling.

Today, we will be comparing the two most popular variants of this assessment tool, the True-False MCQs and One Best Answer Mcqs, to help our readers in determining the better option. This is “The Quiz Maker” blogging series (The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment)

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The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment

The benefits of an online MCQs based quiz are well-documented, with a number of articles exploring the subject. For examiners who want to assess the knowledge of their students, both on fundamental level and advanced level of cognitive thinking, an online MCQ-based quiz is an interesting and convenient option to help them achieve their objective. That being said, the first timers are often found pondering over the question:

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The Quiz Maker: Developing a Viral Marketing Quiz

The Quiz Maker: Reinforcing Your Digital Marketing Campaign With Online Quizzes

Welcome to another blog from “The Quiz Maker” series, where we will be discussing strategies and tips on how to create an online quiz that can reinforce your digital marketing endeavors and supplement your marketing campaigns. Traditionally, we have focused on topics (The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment)from academic point of view. This time we wanted to reinvent our focus and facilitate our readers who work as marketers or assume responsibilities of a corporate leader in their everyday lives, looking for ways to support their digital marketing campaigns. 

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Let’s Make a Quiz: Designing an Effective Quiz For Anatomy Students

Let’s Make a Quiz: Anatomy Exam Questions

Welcome to the second blog of our “Let’s Make a Quiz” series, where we will be discussing strategies to design an effective quiz for anatomy students in a digital environment. For our readers who want to know more about “Let’s Make a Quiz” blog series and its first publication, please click here (Let’s Make a Quiz: Designing an Effective Quiz for STEM Education).

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The Quiz Maker: Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a MCQs-based Quiz

The Quiz Maker: Multiple Mistakes Staining Multiple Choices

In one of our previous blogs of “The Quiz Maker” series (Designing MCQs-based Quiz to Induce Higher-Level Thinking)we discussed tips on how to design a MCQs based quiz that induces higher level of thinking in an examinee. Today, we will be reviewing some common mistakes that examiners commit while designing a MCQs based quiz for the assessment purpose. If you too are laying out plans for your next MCQs quiz, make sure that you walk through the following list before publishing the prepared assessment through a quiz creator.  

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The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs-based Quiz to Induce Higher-Level Thinking

Can We Design MCQs-based Quizzes to Evaluate Higher Level Thinking in Candidates?

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Let’s Make a Quiz: Designing an Effective Quiz for STEM Education

Let’s Make a Quiz: STEM Exam Questions

Assessing the knowledge is the final phase in the academic nurturing of a student in order to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in their respective fields. But, it should not be just about evaluating the knowledge. The core objective of every assessment should be to evaluate the knowledge in the right way, to assess whether the student is prepared to use it for that specific field.

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The Futility of Essay Type Questions Explained

Examination is the highlight of the school system in majority of the countries. The test construction largely depends on the teacher and which automatically introduces subjective bias in the testing methodology. Every teacher has different views about the type of test questions that can help gauge the learning of the individual. And more often than not, teachers rely on essay type questions to assess individual learning. Of all the different types of tests, the least effective is without doubt essay type tests.

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Benefits of using Online Testing in the Workplace

Online Testing In the Workplace

If you want to measure the success of your work place, you have come to the right place because this article will guide you about how online testing software can enhance corporate learning and can sharpen the skills of your employees.  In order to enhance your corporative training strategy in the office, it is a good idea to use a test maker to conduct online testing and get data regarding employee performance.  This article will help you to learn about the benefits of using a test creator at work.

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