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Everything to Consider Before Resuming Education amid COVID 19

In some countries around the globe, schools are beginning to reopen classroom doors following months of forced closures. The COVID 19 pandemic is affecting nations at different rates, no wonder some have reported more infection and mortality cases than others. It also explains why different nations have taken unique measures to match their situation. Schools provide more than learning and social support for students. 

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These eLearning Assessment Mistakes Can Reduce the Quality of Your Online Course

eLearning is a formal type of teaching that involves the transfer of knowledge and skills to the students with the help of electronic devices. An assessment is an evaluation of learners that enables the tutor to understand what the students know well and can put it into practice, as well as the extent to which they know it.

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Accommodating Deaf Students in the Academic Environment.

This article looks at deaf people in learning environment and how they socialize with other human beings. In simpler terms, it studies deaf people inregular academic settings and tries to understand how it affects the victim and their immediate environment.

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Hiring in 2020 and Beyond: Shifting to Digital Recruitment Methods

Assessing job applicantscan help ensure a brand hires or employs the perfect candidates to take on the empty spots in a workplace. But the term assessment is an umbrella term for the many tests an individual goes through before they finally get employed

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How Poverty takes a toll on Early Childhood Development

Childhood poverty is a global issue even among most developed countries, for instance the United States suffers a high (approximately 20 percent in 2009) child poverty rate in addition to high income unfairness among citizens.

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Lesson Plans (With Examples) and Why They Matter to the Teaching and Learning Process.

Any competent study session should always have an excellent lesson plan

All teachers and instructors that impart knowledge in learners can vouch for the significance of an excellent lesson plan. It is a form of teaching that utilizes structure and order to simplify the learning process for both the teacher and student.

It is the obligation of the instructor to design lesson plans before the actual study session. Creating a lesson plan begins with an analysis of the expected outcomes of the specific study period.

Such a teaching aid helps learners to attain the set study objectives and critical points in a class. An excellent lesson plan helps the teacher take control of the learning process and assess how much information the learners can recall.

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The Essentials of an Academic Paper Explained: Thesis Statement, Topic Sentence, Abstract, and More

Essay Writing Tips and Techniques

Topic sentences, Thesis statements, and Abstracts are academic tools students use in their essays from time to time. We discuss all these and more about academic essays to help you create the perfect paper.

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Investigating the Knowledge of Words among Your Learners.

Knowledge of Words among Students

Knowledge of words among Students usually ranges at a scale of simple to complex depending on many factors.

An example of “simple” type knowledge is what is known as definitional knowledge. This is basic knowledge of words based on how it is defined in resources like glossary, word bank, people (like friends or teachers), or a dictionary.

Nevertheless, students sometimes fail to get the link between the definitions and what the words mean when reading texts as they often come across several words they don’t know.

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Parent/Caretakers: The Best Way to Teach Your Child How To Read and Write.

Reading and Writing Teaching Strategies for Parents

Reading and Writing teaching strategies are important in improving your child’s overall academic process. Remember, reading and writing skills are not just natural processes that your kids can pick up on.

A parent must use the right approach to teach their children how to read and write. Patience is also key because you have to move with your child's learning pace. Most of these reading and writing teaching strategies are easy and straightforward if you know where and when to start.

Here, we go through the reading & writing teaching strategies parents can use at home. With these strategies you can coach your child, check progress, and boost performance in the two primary skills in learning.

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Equal Learning: Teaching & Assessing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & Children in School.

Autism is a disorder related to the brain and has a more significant influence on how a person associates with others. Autism spectrum disorder refers to a group of ailments that affect the mental state of a patient.

ASD manifest at an early age and affects the neurological growth of the child. Such an effect brings about disorders that affect how the person relates to others and their general behavior.

Unfortunately, there are no significant characteristics to distinguish these people except for their behavior, learning speed, and communication, which differs from other students.

This difficulty in thinking and learning, plus the ability to solve problems range from the gifted to the severely challenged. All these varying levels require different approaches and teaching techniques to assist the child.

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