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What is the difference between a test and an examination?

As a teacher or an online syllabus creator, assessing your students' understanding is one of the most important things you can do. Or the best way to find out if the class or lesson has fulfilled its objective.The only way of determining that is through undergoing a series of assessments such as tests and examinations.

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How to exploit video gaming to bolster training

Growing up, videogames were considered a waste of time by the older generation, and even the media demonized gaming as the cause of barbarity in the world. However, video games have a lot of benefits in society that are scientifically proven.

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How to use online quizzes to enhance learnin

We are living in a century that has embraced a lot of digital and technological reforms. Most industries in the world have seen the ripple effect of these transformations, and so the education sector.
It is now important for teachers to transform their methods of engaging their students to fit into this line. The millennials are the generation with easy access to the internet. The knowledge is at their fingertips.

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Five exams preparation for online tests

For some students doing an online exam is a new and, to some extent, a mystifying experience. Most of them are not sure of what to expect or the skills and methods that can enable them to perform in online assessments.
To start on good ground, most of the steps required to take an online exam are relatively similar to those needed to handle a classroom test.

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What is the importance of tests and evaluation to learners and instructors?

Is there a better way of judging the capabilities and progress of learners than testing and evaluating?
Test and evaluation are considered indeed necessary within any properly-functioning education system.When instructors want to gain insight into what their learners have understoodand plan for instruction guides, they will test and evaluate their students.

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Factors to consider when creating exam papers

Most people often think of exams as only a way of testing an individual's comprehension of materials. However, exams serve more than one purpose.

As an instructor, you need to be aware of why you are testing your students and what you want the test to help make the individual's experience. Therefore, design a challenging yet fair exam that accurately gauges your students’ experiences.

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How Quizzes Can Help You Evaluate the Results of Employee Training

Quizzes can be essential part of making sure that you deliver good, quality, concise and enjoyable training to your employees. in this context, a quiz refers to more of a questionnaire rather than an exam-style quiz. 

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How Testing in Real-time Can Help Improve Student Performance

At the end of each semester, educators use exams to evaluate students. Exams serve as a summative way to gauge how much knowledge each student has acquired. It is possible to measure student performance and store the results for future reference. 

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A Practical Approach: How to Get Ready for an Online Examination

Exam preparation and revision are the essential factors influencing the success of a student. All learners with the desire to excel or achieve their online courses' objective must take their revision seriously.But thorough revision is not an easy task for both the instructors and students. This article willguide students through exam revision and preparation.

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Meet the 6 Types of File Formats & Discover When to Use Each

In IT or computer studies, a file format is defined by how the data within is stored or organized. Certain file formats have various indications to ease the file search, for example, the file name extension or suffix. For simpler identification, the extension normally has at least four letters separated from the name by a period.

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