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Tips for Great First Impression on Your Students

There are different students with different characteristics. As a new teacher in a new school, you may meet responsible, diligent, punctual, courteous, and friendly students. Or come across the lazy, impatient, blameful, defensive, and irresponsible students.

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Digital learning tools instructors should use to improve class engagement

The advancement in digital technology has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. One area that has significantly benefited from the evolution in the education sector. In fact, studies have shown that modern technology plays a critical role in ensuring improved students engagement and ensure accelerated learning.

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Strategies for creating online exams.

The steady rise of technology has led to the digitization of service delivery and offerings across all sectors, forcing them to move to the online space. This evolution has not left the education sector behind.

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A guide into developing web-based training for workers.

Whether you want to train your staff on a new product, operate new equipment, or take a new hire through onboarding in your company, staff training can be costly and hard to organize and execute.

As always, change is hard and usually met with a lot of resistance. However, consistent learning and development is a common factor in any successful venture. In this regard, web-based training for workers has seen a tremendous rise in the recent past.

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Simple tips for successful exam preparations

Whether end semester or final exams, every learner's dream is to get good results or rather pass their exams. However, with different topics and concepts to cover and sometimes within a short time, examinations can sometimes prove challenging for most students.

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All you need to know about Classroom Management Strategies and Techniques

Teaching can both be a rewarding and challenging profession. It is rewarding in the sense that you have the ability to make or bring significant positive changes into your learners' lives. There is a satisfaction that comes with seeing your learner making a breakthrough and understanding those concepts or ideas they have struggled to get.

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What are some of the examination software errors?

With the daily advancements in technology, almost all human operations are becoming software-dependent. Let's say, shopping, banking, business interactions, and communication to education- assessment, testing, or examining learners in schools-all involve software at different points.

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A guide to safe and secure online examinations

There is no secret that the global eLearning is taking over the traditional pen-paper method of education and exam testing. But, most educators admit that there has been several challenges with the process of testing the knowledge gained by the students.

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All you need to know about the impact of AI on education

The increase of digital penetration has led to the rise of digital applications in many sectors of the world currently. And like most industries in the 21st century, education is significantly impacted by this wave.

While most education systems still use a central curriculum and sometimes limited teaching resources and materials, the application of artificial intelligence in education has brought a certain level of convenience and flexibility that was never there.

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Can online exam monitoring invade privacy in universities?

The current global lockdown and rise in online learning have brought significant changes in the education sector, including changes in curriculum design, the adaptation of full digital schedule, teacher-student interaction, evaluation and monitoring resources, and virtual classroom safety.

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