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The Vital Role of Online Exam in Learner-centric Assessment

How Online Testing is driving Towards Learner-centric Assessment

Most educational platforms, corporations and professional bodies emphasize on one thing; the quality of candidate experience.

Being learner-centric means ensuring a candidate gets the best experience possible during classes and examinations. Since candidates come from different backgrounds, it is important to deliver examination and information in a user-friendly manner.

One way to do so is to use an online assessment software. So how does this approach assist in exam delivery? Find out more;

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Learn your Terms: Is Training similar to Education?

Education and Training: Are they similar?

Education aims at imparting knowledge. It passes to learners a set of facts, values, beliefs, and events related to a specific topic. This knowledge can be used for future reasoning, decision making and advancing in a careers.

Training, on the other hand, aims at equipping learners with the necessary skills for a specific role or job position.

For instance, a workplace hires competent employees but further training in that specific field can make them more effective in executing their roles.

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10 Easy Tips to an be Useful Co-teacher

What is the Role of an Assistant Teacher in Effective Learning?

A co-teacher is the assistant teacher who coordinates with the main teacher. Their role is to help with the training and assessment of students and inspire effective learning. While one tutor can do the job, two heads are better than one. Here are the many pros of a co-teacher.

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Understanding the Vital Role of Remote Online Proctoring or invigilation in Today & future Assessments

What is Online Remote Proctoring?

Online remote proctoring allows the hosting and invigilation of examinations or tests remotely. A student can take an exam from any location provided they have access to a computer and strong internet connection.

Invigilation is done remotely thanks to technologies such as video images or monitoring software to ensure candidates do not cheat or engage in misconduct.

The traditional examination method requires examiners to set up a physical test centre, notify students of the test, supervise, assess test answers and finally declare the results. This old process can be cumbersome when you can do everything online and remotely.

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Exam Tension: Can Online Examination Reduce it?

Online Assessment Can Help Reduce Exam Tension

Online assessment software has significantly revolutionized how we assess student learning. What the software does is incorporate a wide range of steps that can help a learner take a test from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

E-assessment, as it is commonly known, specializes in creating interactive and learner-centred assessment to evaluate students.

An exam software allows tutors to use different assessment styles like group work, rubrics, and self-assessment tests that matches a student’s subject study for interactive learning.

What’s more, the software is built to serve any user and help the student have a better experience throughout the assessment period.

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Learn Your Terms: Is a Test Similar to an Exam?

Test vs Examination: Are They the Same?

Test vs examination are two words that are mostly used to refer to evaluation or assessment. Evaluation is the process of judging one's capabilities by using specific criteria, facts, and evidence. Many people are still confused by these words (test vs examination) and often think they have the same meaning. A test checks learner progress after a lesson or a few lessons. At the same time, an examination investigates progress after a series of lessons held over some time.

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4 Sure Evaluation Strategies & When to Use Each

Which Evaluation Method for Your Course?

Evaluation is the process of acquiring and assessing information to give useful feedback about a particular subject.

It involves collecting and examining data, judging the information derived from it, and giving a verdict whether the assessment result is worthy of merit or not.

To assess how much your students are learning, it is important to learn the different types of Evaluation.

This article will help you determine which evaluation method to use, how to use each use and situations where each may be useful.

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Busting Common Examination Myths

Ever since the inception of online examination software, online examinations have been growing in popularity. This digital method of conducting examinations is cheaper, more effective, and quicker than traditional pen and paper examination methods. Despite the acceptance and appreciation for this new examination method, there are certain myths that need debunking.

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Issues in Online Examination Systems

Most online examination software tools have revolutionized the examination processes, which used to be lengthy, time-consuming, and costly. The number of benefits online examinations offer is immense. However, along with the benefits, there are certain challenges as well. In order for the examination process to be effective, these challenges mustn’t be left unaddressed.

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Simple Ways to Make Exams Cheat Proof when Using Online Exam Software

Even with the help of online exam software, what is the one universal thing that teachers can expect from students every time they take a test? Cheating.

Why Students Cheat

Students all over the world, if given the opportunity, will cheat on their test. This has led to teachers coming up with creative solutions to control or deter them.

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