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What Benefits Can You Enjoy From A Candidate Management System?

Choosing A Perfect Candidate Management System

For recruiters, trainers, lecturers, teachers and others, choosing a good candidate management system is almost a matter of life and death. I mean, it is very important. Take for example, a case of the human resources manager of a large company that has many positions to be filled. It would be tedious to dig into the past of all the candidates who apply for the available positions. Now, the most sensible thing would be to invest in online testing software and then deploy it across board and see what data it picks up. What many people know is that a good candidate management system can pick up details that a panel of interviewers can miss.  

But what exactly is a candidate management system? This software is designed with just one reason only and that is to find, track and monitor the candidates applying for a certain position. It can also monitor their skills, academic qualifications and background. Usually, the candidate manager will be used mostly on the people who apply for work through a career portal. Simply said, this system is a godsend for recruiters who recruit people on behalf of companies.  

What can a candidate management system do?

Quite a lot! For example, if you are a trainer, or a recruiter, you need not only monitor the skills of the candidates, but you can as well schedule and hold interviews with the candidates that you like. It is very easy because the system is also a scheduling tool. You will love the fact that you can organize the candidate details easily. For example, you can choose the candidates entry level, that is, those who have experience, and those who have no experience at all.

Organize all the candidates according to their skills. Some maybe high school graduates while others maybe college graduates, yet others will have master’s degree and so on. The good thing with a good candidate management system is that it enables you to put everyone where they belong, thus making the work of finding whom you need even easier.

When you are running courses for certification

If your administrators are running some courses for certification, then the candidates will be able to access the courses, study and then take the tests, after which they will be certified. Remember, all this will be happening on the candidate management system and all the details will be kept safe and secure for you, on cloud.

On the system still, you can be able to file the course reports and forward them to the company that was interested in the candidates who were undertaking a certain course, That way, if you were analyzing the candidates to see who should be handed that promotion, the system helps you do a fast job.

Send emails fast and keep in touch with all candidates

Send branded emails to all the candidates any time that anything new comes up or anytime that you wish to keep in touch with them. In addition, did you know that the best candidate management system will keep track of each email that you send so that you can know whether it was read, and how many times it was viewed?


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