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How To Overcome Fear Of Exams

Dealing With Testing Anxiety

Testing anxiety is common to all people who have had to take part in any test, not necessarily academically, but even people taking driving tests. Certain factors cause anxiety and fear for tests and exams, for instance, thinking that you are not properly prepared.

This kind of anxiety can be managed or prevented in many ways, including:

Relaxing before exams

Different people approach studying for exams in different ways, some prefer to study for them earlier, prior to the exam. Others prefer to study when the exams are just around the corner. Whichever method you choose, having a moment to relax before you enter the exam room is encouraged. This will reduce chances you becoming disoriented and forgetting everything, in turn reducing your anxiety.

Preparing yourself mentally

Before a test is issued, prior notice is often given to the students. This is important to ensure that you carry out all your studying and that you prepare yourself psychologically for the test. This should be done to avoid anxiety just before and during the test. When you start studying, you definitely know there will be a test somewhere along the way. Start preparing, and then staying up to date on your work always.

Extensive studying and practice

How much you study for the test determines your level of anxiety when it is time to take it. When you study shallowly, it means that when it is time to take the test, you might not be able to answer some questions in depth or answer them at all. While studying for the test, you should strive to go beyond what one has been taught in class and get more information. Thankfully, today, there are so many resources on the internet to help you get ready. Additionally, to make sure that you have maximum practice in the subjects, you can look for a good online quiz creator, which is easy to use. You simply come up with your own quiz; particular to the subject you are studying, and get the results sent to you. This has the ultimate effect of helping you get acquainted with exam situations, in turn helping you to reduce any anxiety that could arise during the real test. Avoid cramming. Thinking that you need to cram before you get into the exam room is an ingredient in the testing anxiety recipe. Crammed information is more likely to be forgotten during a test than understood information. The minute you do not see a question related to the information you crammed is when anxiety will kick in.

Mastering confidence as you approach the test

Facing an enemy head on and standing up to him is more or less like standing up to a test. Having confidence as you approach the test helps in reducing your anxiety, as you are aware of what you know and you are ready to do it.

Answering questions smartly

The way you answer questions in the test matters a lot. In the event that you find it hard to answer a question, it is better to move on to other questions, not forgetting to answer those you had left. Dwelling on a hard question only builds up your anxiety and denies your time to finish the test.

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