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Techniques for Taking A Test and Passing

Test Taking Strategies

The amount of reading you indulge in, what you do in the exam room and what you do after matters a lot. Tests require thorough preparation from you. The more prepared you are the higher the chances of passing. It is paramount that you know how to do it just right.

Test taking strategies before the exam

These strategies range from the time you got into school on the first day of class, the first assignment you were given, even to the first friends you made. Test taking strategies before the text involve the following:

  • Ensure that you are in sync with the teacher. This you can do by making sure that your notes are up to date and that you are aware of the course outline. This will also help you know when the tests are scheduled to be.
  • Constantly review your notes. You can choose to do this after every class or at the end of each topic. Additionally, you should also consider doing it in a group, that way; you are able to get clarification on what you did not understand in class.
  • Have a constant schedule for personal study sessions. The schedule should be reasonable and workable, and should also provide for breaks in between.
  • Practice as much as you can. This you can do using the exam builder software designed to help you come up with questions, submit them and they will be marked automatically. Turning every topic into a question goes a long way in helping you revise the content and work on areas you think you need to improve according to the test results that you get from the practice guides.
  • Have short and summarized notes. These are different from your actual class notes. They are basically a simpler form of what you have learnt, aimed at helping you remember some concepts. You can have such on flashcards.

Testing strategies during the test

  • Find a comfortable place to sit. Having a comfortable seat, next to the door or a well-aerated area goes a long way in ensuring that you do not suffer anxiety during the exam.
  • Take a breath before you start. This might sound stupid, but taking three breaths before you start reading the test actually helps you relax and organize your thoughts.
  • Read the instructions carefully. It is given that when you do not read the instructions, you are likely to answer the questions in the wrong format. Familiarize yourself with the instructions before you start any question.
  • Organize how you will answer the questions, allocating lesser time for the easier questions, which you will start with, and more time on harder questions.
  • Having organized yourself, you are likely to be left with some time before the test ends. Use this time to review your work, making sure that you answered questions completely and correctly to the best of your ability.

Testing strategies after the exam

  • It is a cardinal rule that you do not talk about the test once you leave the room.
  • If the examiner reviews the exam in class, attend the class. This will help you identify mistakes that you will work on for the next test.
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