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Why Calm and Silence are Important When Studying

Ideal Study Environment

The environment around you affects your character, thinking, personality and even how you conduct certain activities. You can see that environment is everything. If you are studying, your environment can determine whether you will pass or fail.

The ideal location

In choosing the best location for your study in preparation for a test, you have to understand yourself. Some people prefer to study in quiet areas, with minimum noise, while others believe that they can only study in an area that has noise, say, for example, the common room for students where there is loud music in the background. Additionally, you can choose to lock yourself up in your room, the danger of this being that you might find yourself feeling cozy on your bed, and end up sleeping off. You can choose an open area to say a field. Such an environment is ideal because of the fresh air and the calming effect that nature has on your mind and senses. However, if you go for such, ensure that you are beyond any distractions from friends or your surroundings. You can do this by listening to soft a low music from your headphones.

Availability of resources

This is in regard to the kind of items that you will use while studying. For instance, if you need certain books that are particular to the subject that you are studying, but you do not own the books, you might need to study in the library. Additionally, if you need to access the internet for information using your computer, you have to ensure that the environment you are studying in has internet access, and electrical ports, in case you need to charge your computer. However, if you are well aware that you will not need any electrical appliances in the environment you will be studying in, for example, on a bench in the middle of the field, then there is no need to take them with you.

Atmosphere in the environment

This has to do with the lighting, temperature and whether there is any noise in the area. As you choose your ideal environment, it is important to consider whether you can handle studying in noisy places or not, if you are okay with the aeration of the place, or if the lighting is enough for you.

Choosing between private and group studying

Different people may prefer different kinds of studying environments. This is because some people prefer a peaceful environment where they can study alone while others prefer group work. However, having an organized group discussion gives you the chance to create your own test, take it as a group and come up with answers. The ultimate result being that you will be able to understand what you could not in class.

Presence of distractions

An ideal study environment should not have any distracting factors. These can range from your friends, music, your electronics, cluttered study tables and noise. To have an ideal study environment, you need to get rid of anything you do not need during the study session.

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