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Why You Need Foods That Will Enhance Your Brain Power

Foods That Will Help Your Brain

Coming up with quizzes using the exam builder and constantly practicing to make sure your brain comprehends the content will not work if the brain itself is not in a healthy state. Food can be described as the ultimate source of energy. One cannot function on an empty stomach, for some reason, the brain just becomes slower to react to certain things, for instance, comprehend what you are studying.

The foods that are likely to help your brain memorize and remember more are:

Oil based salad dressings Healthy salad dressing oils are rich in vitamin E, which is an efficient antioxidant and is known to help protect the nerve cells and neurons in certain parts of the brain. For instance, it can help prevent the Alzheimer’s disease in which some parts of the brain start to fail due to dying of neurons. However, you should guard against trying to obtain Vitamin E from supplements. Dark green vegetables Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin E and folate. As stated earlier, vitamin E helps in protecting the brain nerves and neurons. Folate of the other hand, more specifically folic acid helps in break the amino acid homocysteine down in the blood. Too much of the said amino acid can more often than not cause the death of nerve cells in the brain. Fish Different types of fish help in different ways, that is, the edible ones. More specifically, salmons, tuna and mackerel have omega 3 fatty acids that help in enhancing the normal functioning of neurons. This in turn means that the functioning of the brain is kept at a maximum and that it is healthy. Peanuts and peanut butter It is mostly said that foods rich in fat can be bad for your health, most especially your heart and other vital organs. However, the same is not the case when it comes to natural and healthy fats. Peanuts and peanut butter are source of healthy fats and vitamin E. It has been proven that such fats or foods rich in such fats are good for the development and the functioning of the brain. Avocado Just like the other foods preceding it in this list, avocado is rich in Vitamin E. To add to the array of antioxidants that it provides, avocados also have Vitamin C. A combination of these two helps in making sure that the nerves and neurons in the brain are protected hence assuring you of good brain functioning. Additionally, the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease are greatly reduced. Sunflower seeds An intake of sunflower seeds is an equivalent to 30% of your daily dosage of vitamin E, in take that is. As such, it is evident that seeds, especially sunflower seed have a bearing on how your brain functions. Adding them to your meal helps in boosting the brainpower. Berries Berries, for instance strawberries, are known to help maintain the brain in a normal functioning state, preventing aging quickly, which often has a negative impact on how the brain works. The maintenance mechanism helps in doing away with proteins that cause memory loss that is age related.

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