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What To Do On The Last Day Of The Test

One Day Before The Test

The day before the test is often very crucial. Your anxiety level builds up and you feel like you know nothing. However, there are certain measures you can put in place to ensure that day is not as stressing. These include:

Conclude all your readings

It is important that you summarize everything you need to know on this day. Have a conclusion and put a stop to the information you get. This will help relax your brain, which in turn helps in ensuring that you comprehend what you need to and arrange your thoughts.

Avoid cramming information at all costs

Understanding information is not the same thing as getting it as it is. Cramming seems favorable to some, but the disadvantage is that after the test, you lose all the information. That means that in another test, you would have to start all over again. The effect that cramming has on the test is that you are likely to get confused when you encounter a concept you know, that has been twisted in another manner. The stress that you experience during the test is increased, coupled with the inability to answer the questions at all.

Prepare your test materials

This includes the pens you will use, a calculator if need be and even the clothes that you will wear. Such preparation guards against rushing the morning before you go to do the test. What rushing does to you is that you end up forgetting some important materials, which in turn can disorient you and your mind. Therefore, you might end up being late for the test, which also increases the test anxiety. In addition, you having your test materials ready, ensure that they are the correct ones. This is to mean that in the event that you have a pen that is not working, you will be able to single it out during the preparation, and substitute it with another. This will prevent any failures in the test room.

Have enough sleep

Some people believe in burning the midnight oil taking last minute studies. It is not disputed that it works for some. However, it is not advisable to do this. The only thing you achieve is being tired on the day of the exam. Having enough sleep is important if you want to have a rested mind during the test. A brain that has not been overworked, one that is not too tired is more likely to remember things as compared to one that is too tired. Not sleeping enough can also wear you out psychologically. This has the ultimate effect of reducing your willingness to think hard about a concept you are sure you know. However, in the event that you still want to burn the midnight oil, always ensure that you have a minimum of four hours of sleep. This might not be enough, but it is better than not sleeping at all. Your mind and body will be well rested on the test day, and in turn you will be able to tackle the questions to the best of your ability without any hindrance.

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