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How To Build Your Memory Power

Ways In Which You Can Increase Your Recall Power

Tips for building memory power

Your memory is all about the brain. If the brain is not taken care of well, then you are likely to suffer from memory loss. If you are wondering about how to improve your memory power, then you are definitely reading the right article. Here is how:

1. Quality sleep

Sleep is such a vital aspect of your life that you should never ignore. If you do not have quality sleep, your brain will force you to ‘shut down’. That is when you start dozing off during meetings or being tired. When this happens, you will have a hard time following explanations or even remembering things. Try to have 7 hours of sleep.

2. Exercise

Exercising has a positive effect on your whole body. Consider jogging, walking or even working out at the gym. When you exercise, blood is circulated well in your body and so is oxygen. The oxygen will get to the brain efficiently, which improves its ability to store whatever kind of information you feed it. Exercise is responsible for stimulating the multiplication of nerves, strengthening their interconnection and eventually protecting them from harm. It also assists in preventing disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease that cause memory loss.

3. Drop multi-tasking

It is tempting to have yourself attending to many things at ago. However, this is not good if you want to build your memory power. If you multitask, you risk being forgetful. This is because the brain takes 8 seconds to commit information to memory. So if you overwork it then, some content will suffer being forgotten.

4. Watch your diet

Whatever gets into your system has a great effect on how your body functions. Avoid sugary foodstuff. Instead, go for green leafy vegetables, fruits, low fat protein, nuts, and seeds and remember to take in enough water, 8 glasses a day.

5. Adopt mindfulness

Mindfulness is an activity that involves you taking a quiet time and calmly focusing on your present life as you accept how you feel and other sensations of your body. It goes hand-in-hand with meditation. During mindfulness, your body releases feel good hormones that make your brain cells to continue growing (regeneration). The new cells help keep your brain in a good condition. Your memory will definitely improve.

6. Avoid stress and depression

Stress makes the brain cells to stop growing, which means your memory will be affected negatively. The cells are killed in short. Therefore, by all means, try your best to avoid stress by knowing how to handle its triggers. Meditation could help you here if not, then see a therapist.

7. Challenge your brain

This entails making good use of your brain. Get to learn new things for instance, puzzles, new games, skills, hobby or even a new language. This is also another way of exercising your brain to get everything you want out of it. As you build your memory power, ensure that you are organized. Manage your time well so that you do not end up stressing yourself. If you can, find a quiz maker online and practice hard with it.

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