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Can Exercise Help You Pass That Test? How?

Physical Fitness Enhances Mental Fitness

There is no magic in passing tests. The secret to success in tests is right before you; you know it. Using online exam software might not be all you need to do, although it is a start. Exercise has a positive impact on your general health. Be sure that it will help you pass that test.

Here is how you will pass a test:

Release of neurotropic factors When you exercise, your brain releases proteins (neurotropic factors) which trigger production of other chemicals in your brain. These substances work towards fostering your neural health. If your brain is healthy, then you will have an easy time studying for a test in terms of concentration and memory. This way, you are assured of passing that test. These chemicals sharpen your ability to learn fast, thick critically and quickly when solving problems, in this case test questions. Efficient working of the brain When you exercise, your whole body is strengthened including your mental system. Your brain will work to the best of its ability. This is because exercise makes the nerve cells to multiply; their interconnections are strengthened and consequently protected from damage. This means that you will be alert when preparing for the test thus you will have a better understanding and memory, to help you when taking the test. Curbing shrinking of the brain There is a part of the brain called hippocampus that shrinks as you grow older. This part is at the very centre of the normal functioning of the brain. However, exercise reverses shrinkage because it increases the size of the hippocampus. Exercise enables this part of the nerve system to fight Alzheimer’s disease, which causes shrinkage. The reduction in size of the hippocampus poses problems such as memory loss and disorientation. Thus, ensure exercise becomes part of your routine, not just before exams. This will help in remembering what you have studied as you take the test. Improves blood circulation When you exercise, the flow of blood in your body gets better. The brain will be well supplied with oxygen and the necessary nutrients for its health. If there is proper circulation of blood in the brain, then your energy level is boosted. You will be ready to study and take the test without fatigue or divided concentration. Improving the mood How you feel affects your mood before the exam. If you work on being in the right mood before a test, your score will improve. Since exercise re-energizes you then your brain will be stimulated leaving you more excited, relaxed and more confident. A bad mood bars you from thinking effectively during a test; your cognitive functions will be negatively affected.

Advantages of exercise

Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases Improves test scores Protects the nerve system An efficient means of releasing test fever, tension and stress Improving your mental focus Boosts intelligence and mental acuity Research shows that people who exercise have improved their test scores. Exercise is very important for the health of each and every part of your body, the brain included. Make it part of your daily schedule.

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