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How To Make A Quiz Interesting Enough To Hold Attention

How To Make A Quiz For Marketing

The success of any marketing survey that uses quizzes depends on the formulation of the quiz. If it is done inappropriately, then you risk failing in getting information you need from your target market segment. When coming up with a quiz for marketing or when using a quiz maker, just bear in mind the following factors.

Key facts for a quiz maker

1. Create an impressive title

Any given marketing quiz must have a title, a challenging one, a title that provokes your target audience to provide information about the questions set in the quiz. Make the title precise, brief, catchy, captivating, memorable and one that resonates with the target audience. Look at your choice of words. Your target audience will help you figure out what kind of words to use. Use the second person (you) in structuring the quiz. This makes the consumers feel important and part of your company since ‘you’ personalizes the test. They feel that their opinion is highly valued.

2. Choosing the type of quiz to employ

There are two categories of quizzes that you can formulate: personality and knowledge quizzes. That is why you need to know the kind of content you want from the target audience. This way, you will know the kind of quiz maker to use to get the right responses. Personality quizzes have to do with individual attitudes, feelings, preferences and taste about your product or service. Knowledge quizzes are based on how much the target audience knows about a product, service or even a campaign. It is up to you and your marketing team to decide what type of quiz to use.

3. Media of communication

Gone are the days when marketing quizzes were made up of text only. Add images, drawings and any other illustrations that you find relevant. Caption them. Such media enables you to get the attention of your present and prospective consumers. They make the marketing test more engaging than using words only.

4. Length of the quiz

Consumers are busy with their own lives so make the quizzes short. No one has time to read page after page of a test. This is another way to solicit information from customers. Long quizzes are discouraging and you may fail to get any feedback.

5. Legibility of the quiz

Whether your quiz is online or physical, ensure that the font you use is visible and easy for the target audience to read. Of course, the font of the title and the headline should be larger than that of the main copy. This will help to attract people to read and take the quiz.

6. Offer incentive and complements

Incentives have something to do with the law of reciprocation that says; ‘give first before you are given’. If there is a reward for someone taking your marketing quiz, the targeted people will be persuaded to take the quiz. The incentive does not have to be something big. Compliments are about appreciating the feedback you get from consumers. Let them know how important their participation is but in a professional way. Don’t appear to be begging for feedback.

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