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Candidate Management System for Your Company

Over the recent past, the world of recruitment has been undergoing a significant shift mainly because of the availability of multiple recruitment systems and software. While it’s a good thing that the market offering continues to grow, strengthen and is becoming more compelling, choosing a viable candidate management system also continues to be a difficult task. To be on the safe side, companies must know what to consider to enable them choose the most reliable system.

To get you started, here are some of the most important qualities you should look for when shopping for a viable candidate management system

Fits your company’s needs

Even though multiple options are available in the market, you won’t get one size that fits every company. Therefore, look for a system that caters for the goals, specific and unique needs of your business. First, map out your HR managers and recruiters requirements. In that way, you’ll be better placed to choose a candidate management system that suits your hiring team. According to the experts, the best candidate management system is that which can be tailor made to fit the needs of your team.

Supports employee referral program

Great HR managers know that employee referral is the best talent-sourcing strategies. Studies show that employee referral candidates have the best retention rates. Apart from the fact that they tend to be more qualified for the position, they’re also more likely to accept the offer. This will mean that your hiring team will conduct just few interviews before they get the right person for the job. Therefore, look for a candidate management system that competently supports an internal employee program. Before making a purchase, make sure you scrutinize whether it will be easy for your recruitment team to make their referral through the candidate management system.

Facilitates communication

Its best when companies leave the hiring process to the hiring team. And for the process to run smoothly, they must work together even if they’re not physically located in the same room. As such, great candidate management system should facilitate communication among the team members. Look for a system that will allow your recruitment team to share their candidate evaluations, arrange for the interviews and work in partnership to reach an undivided decision. Communication between the management and candidates is also important and a good candidate management system should facilitate the process.

Easy to use

Great candidate management system is easy and intuitive to use for both your recruitment team and the candidates. Before making a purchase, find out whether the system can streamline the application process for your recruitment team. Look for a candidate management system that offers an interactive user experience for your hiring team and anybody else who uses it. Apart from allowing the candidates to apply successfully, the system also reflects on your organizations’ brand.

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