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Choosing an Online Quiz Maker Perfect for Teachers

Online quizzes are always enjoyable for learners to take. Online quiz maker provides immediate feedback, which means that learners can review what they didn’t answer correctly and immediately correct their understanding of the material. This enhances their learning experience taking them a step towards achieving the grades of their dreams. If what recent studies show is anything to go by, then one of the main factors that make online education great for students is the ability to provide instant feedback. This is one of the many reasons quiz maker is a tool that many teachers like to use today.

Apart from enhancing the learning experience, and helping the teacher to work more efficiently, online quiz makers are also great for the environment for the obvious reason that they save on paper. Great online quiz maker should offer pleasant experience to learners, make work easier and more efficient for the teacher, and generally improve the learning and teaching experience. There is a huge variety of online quiz maker packages available today. This means that it might not be easy for you to determine what will work best for your classroom.

Below are some of the features that a great online quiz maker must have

Easy to use

A great quiz maker is easy to use. After all, it’s meant to make your work quicker and easier. It won’t make any sense if you still have to struggle with the software that is made specifically to save your energy and time.

Instant grading

Before the invention of online quiz makers, learners had to wait for days or even weeks before getting back their quiz results. That’s no longer the case now as learners can get instant grading. Great online quiz maker should provide scores to the learners at the end of the quiz. For teachers, you should get your learner’s grade sent to your dashboard in few seconds. This saves you a lot of time, which you can spend attending to weak students and interacting with the entire class.

Allows simple sharing

Teachers share quizzes among them. Other people may also want to take the quizzes you’ve created. For this reason, you should choose an online quiz maker that makes it easy to share your quiz through email and social media and so on.

Should not require email

A great online quiz maker should be able to handle learners who don’t have email address especially if you’re teaching children under 13. Technically, they can’t use an email and probably, they won’t have it in a school setting.

Explains questions

Your quiz maker of choice should be able to explain questions. Just letting your student know that they’re wrong is not enough and neither will it motivate them. Let you quiz-taker know more about the question and the correct answer with the use of images and text. This enhances learning because the correct answer is reinforced despite the fact that they didn’t answer correctly.

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