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Which Online Exam Platform Should You Choose?

Currently, a number of online exam software are available that are very useful for schools and institutions engaged in education. Of course, you want an online platform that will best benefit both the students and the tutors. For you to make the right choice, you should know what features you should be looking for. In that way, you’ll be able to pick the best online exam software that suits your budget, background and approach to learning. An institution might choose the best online exam software in the world but if the users do not benefit from it, then it’s as good as having the worst software.

For the benefit of users, here is a set of futures that you should base your decision on when choosing online exam software

Familiar and easily accessible

Online exam software should be easily accessible for users – teachers, professors and students. Today, many universities run digital education and the students on such programs don’t have to come to a specific venue to take exams. For this reason, all users should be able to register and login from wherever they may be using just a computer and an internet connection. There should be no requirement of installing any software and everything should be web based. Look for online examination software that will create real exam experience for the sake of those students and teachers who still love to retain the traditional look or feel of an exam.

Lets students take tests easily

Good online exam software allows students to take tests with ease by using a login/link. As soon as a student has answered the question, the software should save automatically. It should also manage the credentials of each student, which should be easily edited or updated when need arises.

Easy creation of tests

Teachers and professors who are just starting to use online exam software will need clear and elaborate instructions to create tests for their students. For this reason, schools and institutions should choose online exam software that has, on its website, demos/FAQs defining each element of the exam creation process. The software should be able to create tests with variables such as number of questions, sections and total marks and so on listed on it.

Ant-cheating features

Every student wants the best score. Some of them might look for ways to cheat their way to a perfect score. Tech-savvy students use Google docs and other several tactics to cheat when they’re taking an online exam. Therefore, a good online exam system should have anti-cheating features in place that will be able to counter cheating effectively. For instance, when it’s time to take the test, a test link will be emailed to a participant. The link should have a PIN that comprises of random letters and alphabets from which the student will have to input in order to activate the test. This not only validates the test, but also ensures that only an authorized candidate is accessing it.

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