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Evaluate Interview Candidates with Online Test Software

From the look of things, companies will soon stop using the traditional interviewing panel. Soon, potential candidates will have to take their oral, written and aptitude tests online. In fact, many companies and institutions across the world are already conducting interviews online. These companies conduct such processes using online test software.

Even though a company might want to hire just one employee, the number of candidates who will log in to sites for evaluation might be overwhelming and still, picking all details about each one of them is very important. With a great online test, HRs and recruiters can be able to single out the best candidate for the position. It’s important to set the right online exam because that’s a major factor to getting the right candidate for a particular position. The right online test can actually capture more details and data about a candidate than a traditional interviewing panel would ever get out of them when meeting physically.

To pick out the right person for the position using online test software, it’s important that you consider the following:

Essay writing

You should include essay writing in the online test that candidates are going to take. Essay writing is important because it creates a platform for a candidate to express himself or herself in writing. This enables the examiner to measure the candidate’s writing skills and command of language.

Use of questionnaires

Make a questionnaire so that the candidate can fill up their personal details such as full name, date of birth, marital status, schools and colleges attended, course and units studied, current place of work and position, fluency in languages and much more. From a questionnaire, you can pick a general biography of the candidate and if need be, you can also look into their details as well.

Measure candidate’s IQ

Let the candidate take aptitude tests. Aptitude tests are simply random questions that are often used to measure intelligent quotient (IQ) of an individual. The tests are general and random questions, and the candidate should answer them within a specific time frame. These tests help companies avoid candidates who are not time-cautious. The more accurate and quick the candidate answers the questions, the more he or she will be at performance.

Video conferencing

Many examiners use video calls during an interview. This allows an examiner to meet the candidate through video conferencing. This also gives an examiner an opportunity to see and ask the candidate some few questions. By meeting the candidate online, an examiner can see how presentable and confident he is and clarify on few issues such as expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Great HRs often pick candidates who are able to show self—confidence, which is a feature of people with high-self esteem.

Submitting documents

The candidate should attach any relevant documents during the online test. The documents support the qualifications of the candidate and they should be scrutinized thoroughly.

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