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Settings To Consider When Making your Own Quiz

It’s important to make practice quizzes for your students because they’ll help them prepare for the exam. Through practice quizzes, your students learn the material. It also help them gain the experience needed for taking exams. Practice quizzes reduce anxiety and allow learners to focus on the content when they’re taking a text.

When you’re making your own quizzes using a quiz maker, there are settings you should consider among them include:

Screen setting

When creating online practice quizzes for your students, consider how you want the display to appear. Do you want all quizzes to appear on one screen? Or do you want the screen to show just one question at a time. If you want to emphasize on topic continuity, all questions should show on screen at once. This allows learners to answer questions without necessarily having to move to another screen.


On the other hand, you should show just one question on screen at a time to enable learners focus on one topic because they’ll be giving their full attention to one idea.

If you make answers available immediately on a practice question, it will help learners to immediately get to see what they know and what topics they still need to revisit. You can also hide answers on practice quizzes from learners. In that way, you’ll be encouraging them to re-examine course material and do further study. They’ll actually know which content they still need to study after they’ve seen the answers.


Factors under security setting include time limit, tracking information and allowing multiple retakes. You can decide to time your practice quizzes or not. When you’re confident that your students know the material well, set a time limit for such practice quizzes because students would love that additional challenge. Timed quizzes should have a maximum of 240 minutes. Make untimed quizzes if the topic is a bit challenging and you don’t want additional challenge that will stress the students. On tracking information, a teacher might not require more information about students except knowing which learner completed a practice quiz. You should configure the tracking information settings to take in only the specific information that you require.


Grading practice quizzes is not always necessary. You can choose to create questions that are more response oriented. For instance, you can ask questions like “Did you find this practice quiz helpful?” or “Tell us your opinion”. To disable scoring for individual practice quizzes on the question creation screen, just select the “Do not grade” box. If you want learners to know which questions they got right and which one they answered wrongly, you should go to the “Edit Setting page and enable the “Show score” setting. You can decide to show the summary of result at the end of a quiz. Learners can use this summary to see the questions they answered correctly or otherwise.

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