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Should Teachers Use an Online Test Maker?

Education technology is transforming classrooms in a revolutionized manner. Whatever the level of education, from elementary schools to universities, teachers are using advanced technological tools to teach and test their students. Test maker is one of the technological tools that have become extremely popular among teachers today. Teachers use online test makers in almost all educational settings.

Here are some of the reasons teachers like using test maker

Offer maximum flexibility

Teachers use online test makers for both face-to-face and online courses mainly because it provides the learners with maximum flexibility. For both hybrid and online courses, teachers can create quizzes and exams that students can take on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. The assessment can be used in any place, online or offline.

Provide cheating control

Everyone wants a perfect score. For this reason, many students always cheat when they get the opportunity. Online courses are always concerned about one thing – academic integrity. Online test maker allows teachers to implement a variety of anti-teaching controls to ensure that participants don’t cheat. For instance, you can randomize entire tests and present each student with different items from the question bank. You can also institute time limits or change the order of the questions. Furthermore, teachers can also randomize the answers to block cheating.

Automatic grading

Teachers like using online test maker because it has automatic grading features. This means that you can automatically grade the quizzes. Whatever the type of objective questions, from multiple choice and fill-in-the-bank to short answer, online test maker can automatically grade all. This not only saves time, but also ensures accuracy of the results. With only the essay and other objective questions to handle, teachers can’t actually stop using the software.

Easy to Use

While some technologies require teachers to download software and undergo training on how to use them, there is no download with online test makers and no technical knowledge required. You only need to login and start using the software immediately. Creating tests is very easy, especially if you use templates such as an assessment maker.

Instant feedback

The automatic grading option allows teachers to choose the method they would want their learners to receive feedback. For example, students can receive feedback immediately after providing an answer to each question or upon finishing the entire exam. Instant feedback allows learners to review immediately whatever they did not answer correctly. This makes learning more effective because students can immediately correct their understanding of the subject matter. Yes, it’s not an exaggeration that creating and grading tests and quizzes is difficult and consumes a lot of time. Using an online test maker ensures accuracy, saves you more time and generally makes you more efficient. Just make sure you choose an online test maker that suits the needs of your students and the setting of the education system.

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