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Measure the Effectiveness of Your Teaching Methods with the Help of Online Quiz Makers

Quizzes allow teachers to have a deeper understanding of their teaching methods and the learning capabilities of their students. Quizzes allow the instructors to know whether the students were able to grasp the concepts that were taught in the class. An effective way to measure the success of the students and the effectiveness of the teaching methods is to make use of an online quiz maker.  Here are some of the reasons why teachers should make a quiz online for the students:

1.     Quiz Makers Provide Analytics

Online exam software has the ability to perform a detailed analytics. The results of the correctly answered questions and the ones left unanswered, and the ones that were answered wrongly are presented in the form of detailed reports. These quizzes evaluate the instructional methods along with the student’s learning capacity through the statistical reports and analysis.

2.     Develop Quizzes Centering on the Main Content

The main idea is that the quiz should be related to the topics that were taught. Ask questions in a way that they increase in complexity level as the online test progresses. Judging the learning curve of the students in correlation with the teaching methods can only be done if you do not ask questions that are out of context and are not pertinent.

3.      Set the Difficulty Level of the Questions

A good online quiz creator will allow teachers to set the difficulty level of the questions on the quizzes. The main idea is that you can extract sufficient information with the help of online quizzes without shelling the students with a long series of complex questions. Include a few questions about main the concepts of the topic taught. Increase the difficulty level by including questions about the applications related to the concept taught. This technique of formulating the question will allows the educators to realize how well their teaching methods were able to synchronize with the each student’s caliber.

4.     Do Not Simply Pass or Fail Your Students

Evaluate your teaching instructions and the students simultaneously. Online quiz makers have the ability of showing which questions did the most students have trouble answering.  For example, if there was really difficult question about a certain application based upon the concept that was taught in the class which the students couldn’t answer correctly, you will be able to pinpoint exactly that you need to explain the concepts better.

The online exam software will allow teachers to assess the teaching methods as well. With the detailed reports and analytics, they can judge effectively the areas in which most students failed to display accuracy of results collectively. The teachers will be able to associate the evaluation of the students with the instructions delivered, improving the pedagogy strategies. 


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