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Testing the Knowledge of Your Students by Using an Effecting Online Test Maker

Written examinations have been the mode of grading and evaluating the learning ability of the students for more than a hundred years. Considering the advancements made in all the other fields, it would seem surprising to most people that the educational system remains unchanged over the course of years. The online testing software aims to change the current scenario of teaching methods. Online testing is an effective way of measuring the success of the students as well as the teachers. Through online test makes, a collaborative and stimulating learning environment is created.

Whether it is the education of science, history or skill enhancement, formal education requires that the students be assessed. By testing the knowledge of the students with the help of online testing software, educators will be able to highlight and pinpoint the weak areas in which improvement is required. Here is how teachers can test the knowledge of the students effectively with the help of online test makers:

1.     Conduct Quizzes after the Completion of Each Topic

The ideal way of testing the knowledge of the students is to conduct periodic assessments with the help of quizzes as a topic is taught rather than conducting a consolidated exam at the end of each term. There are online quiz makers that allow teachers to make interactive quizzes. These quizzes will allow the teachers to review the performance of every student separately and the overall performance of the entire class regarding the concepts related to the topic.

2.     Analyze the Results of the Exams

The online testing software has the ability to display robust analytics that helps the teacher in realizing the areas in which the students showcase lack of knowledge or skills. Monitoring of these tests can be done in the real time and instantaneous reports can be generated, which are insightful to the teachers. These insights can link the results of the students to the teaching strategies, helping teachers modify their methods if the need arises.

3.     Determine the Success of the Student According to the Complexity of the Questions

Teachers can assess the knowledge of the students based upon the complexity level of the questions. Online test makers allow the educators to mark the complexity level of each question. These questions can be arranged strategically in the exam in an ascending or descending level of difficulty. This tactic will let the teachers visualize if the students have developed a deeper understanding of the topic.  It is possible that the students have the basics crystal clear but they fail to exhibit skills when the questions are multifaceted or intricate.

4.     Give Instant Feedback to the Students

The best feature of online testing software is that it allows the educators to provide a feedback to the students instantaneously. The online testing software can grant multiple attempts to answer the questions correctly. The correct answer along with an explanation can be provided to the students just as soon as they are done with a particular section so that they can immediately engage with corrective reasoning. Instant feedback prevents slowing down the evaluation process.

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