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6 Essential Features to Look for in Online Testing Software

School and college administrations are finally considering upgrading the paper examinations to the advanced superior online platforms. Pedagogues and management of the educational institutions opting for the online testing software for the first time in order to conduct quizzes and exams are often confused when it comes to adapting an online tool for preparing exams. There are so many online test makers that it requires a careful deliberation.

Here are some of the essential features that you must look in the online testing software before you finalize a platform:

1.     Security

Security is of the essence. Teachers will have to add confidential information on the website that is being used to create the exams. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be sure that the information uploaded is secure. The test maker and quiz creator should have the highest level of data privacy and it should be delivered on HTTPS protocols. The data for your institution must be stored on dedicated servers that have the latest security protocols installed.

2.     Reliable Support

You should look for online testing software that provides a reliable support at the backend.  Before adapting to new software for building and conducting exams online, it must be ensured that the test maker service provider offers a solid customer support throughout. Compare the key differences in the support structure for various pricing plans.

3.     Backup

Does the quiz creator or the online testing software provide daily backup characteristics? How long does the test maker take to create backups? These questions are important because the teachers and students should be aware that how susceptible their data is to loss without retrieval options.

4.     Dynamic Content

A crucial thing that the teachers must be aware of before procuring a plan from online testing software is the type of questions that can be added to each exam. For example, does the test maker allow MCQs to be developed into an exam along with graphical questions? Can the online testing software allow you to create exams that can handle dynamic responses? Customization of the tests should be given a priority because it allows educators to build tests that can help their students focused.

5.     API Integration

API integration should also be a deciding factor in making a wise decision. Check if the online testing software allows the administration or the teachers to add or remove students from the online systems on their own. The API integrations make the online testing software easy-to-use.

6.     Pricing Plans

Make sure that the test maker offers pricing plans that charges your institution only for the services that are being used. Evaluate the pricing options based upon the number of students, number of exams, administration accounts that can be made, and the feasibility that teachers have in developing the exams. Any reliable online testing software will also grant you a trial period. Use this time duration wisely and verify if the software is above par with your requirements.

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