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What to look for in an online testing platform


According to many industry experts, the biggest inhibitor to mainstream technology adaption among consumers is mistrust of online security protocols. While it would be unfair to say that online software is insecure, especially considering the layers of encryption used to secure data, security breaches do happen. Fair test estimates that more than 30 states have reported glitches within their online testing systems. Since the entire point of an assessment is that it should be fair to all, security should be of utmost priority when it comes to choosing online exam software. Check what measures they use to ensure confidentiality of results as well as the protocols they follow in case of a breach. It would be a good idea to go for a service that uses dedicated servers  for test administration as shared servers are more vulnerable to attacks.

Intellectual Rights

The second thing you should be looking at is the content ownership agreement. You might think that intellectual rights to your content are to be naturally assigned to you, but that’s not the case. Many quiz creators would claim ownership to your tests and data for as long as it’s displayed on their website. In other cases, they might ask you to upgrade to a premium package if you wish to claim rights to the data. Make sure you read the fine print before digitally signing the terms and conditions.


The pricing should depend entirely on how you’re going to use the system. For example, an enterprise package that offers unlimited test entries would be wasteful for a smaller organization. A good test maker should offer multiple packages that are flexible according to your needs. Some testing platforms may also offer a free trial for a certain period which is a good sign as it allows you to take it for a test run before paying.


In a 2015 report by Litmus Software,, 53% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, signifying how mobile devices are shaping our future. While online assessments have yet to reach such high levels of penetration, it is speculated that they’ll follow a similar route. Savvy testing companies are aware of these developments and are adapting to it. To make sure the platform you’re using is future proof, see how compatible the online testing software is with mobile devices.

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