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Online Examination Software and Learning

Better Accuracy in Assessment

One of the biggest problems with written assessments in a formal setting is the high level of anxiety that students face, which tend to affect how students recall information. However, online testing software seems poised to change that. According to a research conducted by the University of Sydney, online assessments tend to reduce anxiety by a huge margin as compared to traditional examination methods. This in turn leads to more accurate responses by the students as their judgment isn’t impaired by high levels of anxiety. Besides this, many online quiz makersalso offer an automatic bell curve based on how the students responded, through which assessors can evaluate the difficulty of the exam and adjust the score accordingly.

Lower Instances of Cheating

The main concern with online testing software is that there is no control over identity verification; candidates can simply ask their friends to give their assessments for them. But while it may seem hard to believe, online assessments can also lower instances of cheating among candidates. Even though online testing software isn’t as widespread in use as the traditional pen and paper, many quiz makers take special measures to ensure fair assessment. These include proctoring, plagiarism detection and even keystroke recognition technology, which recognizes a person’s identity based on their keystrokes.

Faster Results

While it takes assessors a fair amount of time to grade physical paper examinations, online testing software can project results immediately after the responses are recorded. TheCollege Board already uses this technology in their SAT practice questions so that candidates can immediately realize their strengths and weaknesses.

Elimination of Brick and Mortar Classrooms

Perhaps the most obvious development that will take place with the increasing use of online exam software is the elimination of traditional brick and mortar classrooms altogether. Physical space for classrooms is one of the biggest costs incurred by high school and universities. A virtual learning environment is conductive for students as it allows them to access lectures by their own convenience. An increasing number of institutes are adapting e-learning techniques such as video conferencing, digital classrooms and instructional videos to help students.

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