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How an Online Exam Software can assist Teachers

Best Features of an Online Testing Software

Online exam software available on the internet can simplify the procedure of test developing to a great degree. Their features include the following:

• Users can copy and paste several items on and from the test.

• They offer formatting as well.

• Different templates are available for effective organization of questions.

• Questions can be shuffled as well to lower the chances of cheating among students. Online Exam software can make life easier not only for the teachers but for the students. Given below are a few ways in which online testing tools can be beneficial for both parties:

Giving the Test

Conducting the tests can be made extremely simple for teachers, as they are not required to hover over the students while they take the test. Similarly, students do not have to appear for the test at a specific time and place either, hence making the procedure rather flexible. The web based procedures can help in magnifying the text and converting the text to speech, therefore, assisting people with disabilities who might be taking the test as well.

Grading the Test

There are various forms of the test, which can be graded immediately as there are definitive answers for the given questions. The online examination software also organizes every student’s data and sorts it into a separate file.

Statistical Analysis of the Test

Some of the online testing software can provide a statistical analysis for the student’s results as well. This can help the teachers in exploring each student’s skills in detail. They can identify their weaknesses as well as their strengths more accurately. This can help them in providing the right type of guidance to the students. Types of Questions Most of the online examination software support several different types of question formats such as: • Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs): In this case, students are provided with different options but only one of them is the correct answer. Since they have a definite answer, they are marked and scored immediately. Coming up with challenging MCQ’s is essential for effective evaluation.

• True/False: In this case, sentences are given and students have to identify if they are true or false.

• Fill-in-the-Blanks: Sentences with missing words are given to the students who have to fill in the right words.

• Subjective Questions: These include essays and short answers. The main purpose of this type of analysis is to check if the student has a thorough grasp on the subject or not.

• Matching: Two columns of words are given and the students have to match the first column’s words to its correct counterpart in the second column.

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