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How can Online Testing Tools Help with Different Assessment Methods

Types of Assessment Methods:

Diagnostic Assessment

In the beginning of an academic year, teachers do not have a definitive idea about the knowledge level of their class. In most cases, they ask easier questions and then move to difficult ones if the students answer them correctly. This method of identifying the existing understanding of the students is called diagnostic assessment. Instead of conducting quizzes during the class, teachers can save time and instead go for an online quiz maker to evaluate the students.

Formative Assessment

This is an ongoing process where the teacher needs to know how much of the topic their class has actually grasped. This requires them to conduct tests and quizzes during the academic year. Online testing software can do that for the instructors.

Summative Assessments

These include the traditional end-of-the-year exams. No matter what form of education is being followed; these are conducted in almost all the cases. Online testing software can be of immense use if the teachers are supposed to develop a number of tests and quizzes. Since most of the online examination software offer a randomized sequence of questions, chances of cheating can be decreased as well. However, most academics prefer to stick with the traditional methods of conducting tests for the final exam.

Online Examination Software for Assessment

Online testing software can take care of all three types of assessment. The diagnostic assessment can be easily done using computer-adaptive testing. An online quiz maker can develop the next questions based on the student’s response to the previous queries. For example, if a student successfully answers a set of questions, the online testing software will develop harder questions for the next session. This can give an idea to the tutors of a student’s abilities. They can structure their classroom content accordingly. Similarly, other computer-based assessment methods can ensure that the students are grasping what they are taught by the instructors. Some of the online examination software work by providing notes on a particular subject and then the tests are attempted accordingly. This helps the students in utilizing the material more efficiently. Moreover, a study in 2009 by Angus and Watson has portrayed that online testing tools are quite helpful in developing students’ learning skills. As for the summative assessment, the traditional examination hall system is usually preferred but online exam software can be used as well. This can help with lowering the overall cost of the examination procedure.

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