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Essential Features to Look for in any Online Testing Software

Guideline for finding an Effective Online Testing Software

There are a few features, which online exam software should possess in order to be qualified as reliable and authentic. These essential features are given below:

1. Free of Cost

Before going for an online test maker, make sure that their services are free. Free means that they should be completely free and not for any particular time period as many offer free trial but start charging for their services, later.

2. Types of questions

A good test maker must offer features to develop various types of questions and offer different assessment techniques such as the following: • Multiple choice questions • Fill in the blanks • Match to the correct answer • True and false • Short questions • Essays

3. Visual Content

Make sure that the online testing software you have chosen allows you to add images and other visual content in addition to the text. This is essential because some subjects such as biology often require an image for better understanding of the questions.

4. User-Friendly

One major quality of good online exam software is that they are easy to use. This is essential since the first reason to opt for online testing tools is to save time and energy. Therefore, if they are also extremely complicated, then there is no point of choosing them at all.

5. Effective Analysis

Many people, especially teachers, cannot bring themselves to rely on technology. In some cases, their fears come true as well. However, this can be avoided if a few things are taken into considerations, for example, the analyzing power of online testing software. Always use a website that offers effective statistical tools for student’s data evaluation.

6. Secure Testing

One of the major concerns of those who are not in favor of online testing services is that students have a greater chance of cheating. However, this is not entirely true since many of the online examination software provide real-time evaluation. This keeps a record of how much time a student has taken to answer a question. Moreover, there are other protocols used by these websites to catch academic dishonesty.

7. Downloadable Data

Effective examination software ensures that student data is available to the instructors in an easy to download form. This is a necessary feature for any online testing software as it allows the teachers to make subjective analysis of the student’s abilities and use the data in a positive way for the student’s well-being.

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