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Advantages of Online Testing Software

Advantages of Online Testing Software

There are various advantages of using online examination software for teachers as well as students. Some of them are summarized below:

• Automatic grading: There is no need for the teacher to spend various days in grading the tests since the scoring in the online testing software is automatic.

• Security: Data encryption allows the teachers to have every student’s results secured on their computers without any need of a space to store it. Hovland (2005) had reported this fact.

• Instant feedback: With the instant scoring, teachers can provide immediate advice to the students regarding their performance.

• Free Access: Another advantage of online testing software is that most of the websites providing these services are free and accessible to the students.

• Easier Access to Disabled Students: Students with disabilities can use the various online features for their convenience.

• Reduced need of a Proctor: Using online exam software for conducting tests reduces the need of a teacher to keep an eye on the students as they take the exam. This means that teachers are free to put their time and energy elsewhere, increasing their productivity.

• Environmental Advantages: Elimination of the excessive paper usage means a lesser requirement of cutting more trees, therefore, helping the environment.

• Students’ Convenience: An online test maker ensures that students can take the test at any time and place as per their convenience.

• Easily Analysis: Using an online testing software means that the answer key is already compiled. This ensures an easy analysis.

• Formatting and Organization: Examination software is mostly used for objective type tests. A test maker offers randomized organization and formatting options for these tests.

• Economical Benefits: Using online testing software lowers the examination budget. The reason behind this economical benefit includes reduced requirement of providing the students with writing material and proper infrastructure.

• Computer-adaptive Testing: This system is available in almost all of the online examination software and is responsible for generation of questions according to the students’ response to the previous questions. For example, easier questions will be asked if a person fails to give correct answers for the earlier ones.

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