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The Advantages of Online Exam Software for Teachers | ExamTesting.com

Secure Testing System

There are two aspects related to security of online tests: one is confidentiality (i.e. the security of the data collected and results), and the other is preventing cheating (i.e. the security of the test itself). Generally, online exam software has several security features, including privacy controls, password protection, and others. Due to this, teachers can rest assured that the date generated from the exam and their results are safe and accurate. In terms of security of the exam, online test makers are geared with some great security features that prevent students from cheating in exams in any way. They allow teachers to randomize the questions’ order, create multiple versions of tests, shuffle the answers of each question, and more, with just a few clicks.

Saves Time and Efforts

Another great benefit of online test creators is that they reduce the amount time and efforts required for grading tests and quizzes. Going through each test can take up several hours that teachers could’ve otherwise spent on putting together additional teaching resources and improving lectures for the next class. On the other hand, when students take tests online, the software does all the marking, grade the tests, and generate final results within a matter of minutes.

Removes the Possibility of Biasness

The way online testing software works and grades quizzes and exams removes the possibility of biasness that could affect a student’s final result. Not only that, it saves teachers from being accused of favoritism as well. Since, exam and quiz software are based on algorithms and don’t form a positive or negative opinion about any student, they quickly generate test scores purely based on their performance.

Make the Tests More Engaging

Test creator software allows teachers to become creative and use advanced tools to add multimedia in the quizzes and exams. This means that they can include videos, images, and other multimedia options, like PDFs, to make the exam engaging and help students in better understanding the questions. This is especially good for students who are visual learners and find it difficult to make out proper meanings from text-based questions.

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