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1. Easy Integration

Creating exams, checking tests, and making full grade reports have never been easier in BYOD learning, thanks to test creator software. These software are designed to easily integrate into any learning system, including BYOD learning. If every student brings their own laptop or tablet for learning, teachers can create tests using online exam software to facilitate the testing process, reducing the time and effort that would have otherwise been wasted in the traditional grading process. It is a much more convenient method because the quizzes and examination questions don’t have to be printed on paper and distributed manually. Aside from this, determining and finalizing test results become a lot easier because of the many evaluation features available in the software.

2. Cost-effective Solution

One of the main reasons for using online exam software for BYOD learning is its high cost-effectiveness. Instructors don’t have to request the educational facility to set up smart screens, projectors, larger devices, or any other expense equipment, while students don’t have purchase for school supplies and get to conveniently manage their study material on their own laptops and tablets.

3. Personalized Examination

The BYOD learning approach helps in personalizing each lesson for students to match their level and speed of understanding, which makes online test creator software the ideal choice. One of the main issues with traditional examination is that some students are at a different stage of the curriculum as compared to others, making a standard exam difficult for them. But with an online testing software, the instructor can make multiple versions of an exam, and adjust difficulty based on individual student’s level. In this way, each student is tested based on their individual capabilities and given an equal opportunity to succeed.

4. Enables Students to Take Tests Comfortably

Through BYOD learning, students get the benefit of going at their own pace, i.e. they can speed up or slow down based on their understanding of the subject matter. However, in traditional testing system, these benefits reduce significantly when students have to give test in an examination room. Software-based online testing potentially eliminates this drawback, as students get the opportunity to take exams comfortably, without facing anxiety that usually comes with giving tests in unfamiliar settings. On top of that, external factors, such as environment of the exam room, don’t affect students’ performance, which can negatively impact the end result. When students are using their own devices that they are comfortable with, they are able to attempt the test with full concentration, while ignoring any potential distractions.

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