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Self Testing

The most common problem that promotes test anxiety during exams is the feeling of inadequate preparation. Students, including those studying at a professional level, constantly have this feeling of unpreparedness even after going through exam topics in textbooks and other study material several times.

The best way to overcome this problem is self-testing with the help of online exam software. These programs aid students in preparing for exams by allowing them to create a large question bank and letting the software algorithms to select a set of questions to create tests. Thanks to the randomization feature, you can create several exam papers, with each having different questions, and test yourself to see your own performance.

By using the self-testing technique and successfully completing practice tests, students will most likely feel confident about their preparation and perform optimally during the exams. On top of that, students will be able to expect the unexpected, as they would have already practiced to handle randomized tests with the help of their online exam software.


Gamification is another popular trend that has completely changed the traditional way of learning for tests and is also the preferred method for many students. This is a process of learning that comprises of enjoyable activities and creates tests that have game-like themes to make it easier for students to concentrate and retain information. Not only that, gamification also enhances their ability to recall information during subsequent tests.

Many online testing software programs have this feature, and offer a whole host of different scenarios of learning. Although this trend is relatively new, it has shown great results in terms of knowledge retention and recall in students, which ultimately leads to building self-confidence during quizzes and exams. 




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