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Comparing online testing to Paper Testing

In the current era, so many people and business sectors are going paperless and relying more and more on online services. Most of the schools are now opting for online testing with the help of reliable online testing software.  Online testing is very convenient for all the people, but there are some important questions that many people will have in their minds. Does online testing have an impact on how the people take tests? Are there any shortcomings? Are there any significant changes?

The benefits of online testing versus paper testing seem to be a hot debate in the last couple of years. Let’s compare both of them to learn why people prefer online exam software:

The Reading and Comprehension Speed is the Same

The reading and comprehension skills of online and paper testing are the same, contrary to popular belief. A number of studies were conducted in 2004, by psychologists Garland and Noyes. These studies showed that there is no difference in the reading speed no matter where the subject is reading from, a paper or a computer screen. So, no matter how a person is taking an exam, it will not affect their performance.

Some Online Tests Allow the Use of Multimedia

Some online tests allow the candidates to use multimedia while taking their exams. Other than this, administrators can create random exams that will help the candidate to be more engaged in the exams compared to paper exams. A lot of online tests do incorporate images, GFIFs, and sound clips that adds to the overall experience and facilitates learning.

It Eliminates the Possibility of Cheating

Cheating is a major issue that all examiners face, irrespective of the type of exam the candidates are taking. The issue with cheating is that it gives an unfair advantage to one student over the others and makes a test less reliable. In case it is proved that some of the candidates cheated, it becomes a time consuming activity because then the examiner has to retake the test that adds to the overall cost and wastes time. The software that are available today have built-in features that prevent cheating. One popular feature is the lock down option that disables keys like esc, arrow keys, and Print Screen. This means that the candidates can’t take screenshots, they can’t change their answers, and they can’t go back to the previous screen.


Another security feature that a lot of examiners use is the “accept first answer only”, which doesn’t allow the candidates to change their answers.  The dual-proctor login is another key security feature, in which the administrator has to log in before the candidate can take the test. This will prevent the candidates from accessing the test questions beforehand. 

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