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The Quiz Maker: Developing a Viral Marketing Quiz

The Quiz Maker: Reinforcing Your Digital Marketing Campaign With Online Quizzes

Welcome to another blog from “The Quiz Maker” series, where we will be discussing strategies and tips on how to create an online quiz that can reinforce your digital marketing endeavors and supplement your marketing campaigns. Traditionally, we have focused on topics (The Quiz Maker: Designing MCQs Based Quiz for Online Assessment)from academic point of view. This time we wanted to reinvent our focus and facilitate our readers who work as marketers or assume responsibilities of a corporate leader in their everyday lives, looking for ways to support their digital marketing campaigns. 

So, let’s get started…

Why Develop a Marketing Quiz?

This is a legitimate question and we believe most of you must be pondering over it.

Why not develop a marketing blog?

Why not produce an inbound marketing article?

Here is your answer:

According to Huffingtonpost, online quizzes are more likely to be shared among the internet community, thus, carrying more potential for penetration among your customers.

Hubspot.com, one of the industry giants in digital marketing, has to say this:

Online quizzes can serve as a great alternative to traditional CTAs, helping to convert prospects to into leads more efficiently.

The message is clear.

But wait…

Before you subscribe to an online quiz maker and get your journey started, wouldn’t it be nice to have some tips, a strategy under your belt to design an online quiz? Anyone can design it, especially considering the myriad of features these quiz software come equipped with. It’s the art of viral that you need to learn.

Designing a Marketing Quiz: Strategy and Tips

You need a goal to start with.

·         It could be to increase conversion rate over the next two months.

·         It could be to increase signups to newsletters.

·         It could be to help you understand more about the needs, likes and dislikes of your target niche. This way you can use the information to build a target persona. 

·         It could be to help your customers make the right decision and help them solve a problem.  Zenni’s Optical frame quiz is a perfect inspiration.

Whatever your goal is you need to identify it. This would help you to come up with the content of your online quiz as well as help you to calculate your ROI.

Avoid Presenting it as a Marketing Fodder

You have identified the goal and now you need to develop a content that reflects with the set goal(s) of your online quiz. This doesn’t mean that you put forward your goal as it is – you don’t want to be serving your audience a platter of marketing fodder.  

Instead, make it interesting.

One way of doing this is to tap into the narcissism of your customers. Shape your questions in a way where they get to explore themselves. Construct questions, the answers to which communicate their own self with them. For example:

If you are running a travel agency, ask your customers about their likes, their way of spending the vacations, the foods they prefer, etc. Use this information to design holiday packages that appeal to them.

Support it With Visuals

Many online quiz makers come with features where you can incorporate captivating images, animated GIFs and embed interesting videos in your questions. Use these tools to make your online quiz look visually attractive and resonate with the mood that you are trying to create.

Plus, if the quiz maker software allows it, you can also use visuals as answers to questions and help your readers avoid scanning through string of dull characters.   


What else do you think makes an online quiz interesting to audiences? Contribute to the discussion by sharing your views and suggestions in the comments section below. 



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