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5 Ways To Make A Quiz With Online Software

It Is Easy To Make A Quiz With The Right Software

Ways To Make A Quiz Using Software

Having chosen the best online software for tests, you have the freedom to choose how you are going to make a quiz. You are not limited to one method, thanks to the technological advances in the computerized world. When you are deciding which online software to use when you want to design a quiz, make sure you go for one that supports multiple ways of making a quiz.

1. MS word upload

The most common way of making a quiz is uploading an MS Word document to the online quiz maker. This makes your work even easier. Most people are familiar with this format of document. Have the quiz typed first before going online. This will save much of your time.

2. PowerPoint

This is another way of capturing your audience. Do not make your quiz full of text from the first question to the last. PowerPoint slides summarize work and are attractive to work with. Have your questions in form of slides and set aside space for feedback or answers for the people you are assessing.

3. Animations

Online quiz makers are used in very many fields from education, marketing, advertising to banking. Animation is a technology that is taking over the use of real human beings in these fields.

Online software provide animated images for you to use in coming up with your quiz. If you have been using the same method when making a quiz, it is time to change. Try out new ways of doing it. As the cliché goes, a change is as good as a rest. You are assured of a positive feedback from the people you want to assess, if you employ animations well.

4. Photographs and illustrations

Having photographs in your quiz makes it appealing. Everyone loves photographs because they add reality to your quiz. Instead of doing online marketing using words only, feature in photographs of your products. It makes it easier for potential users to relate with the product unlike when you create a picture using words.

Illustrations such as graphs and charts are an added advantage to your quiz, especially if it involves statistics. Illustrations make the figures comprehendible. The people you are assessing will be able to visualize the data in better way than when you do not use illustrations. This way, the feedback speed of the assessed will improve significantly.

5. Videos

Videos are another way of making a quiz. For example, if you are a teacher working on making processes in chemistry easier to understand; your students will appreciate when you use a video. Also, if you are carrying out research, you can use a video to capture the attention of your target sample. It is more interesting than using questionnaires for example.

You can also provide a link for a video on other video based platforms such as YouTube.

Online software used to make quizzes has made the whole exercise of creating quizzes interesting. It has helped so much in fields such as education and marketing.


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