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How To Make Your Own Quiz And Publish It In 3 Steps

Here The Steps Involved To Planning and Publishing Your Quiz

Steps Of Making and Publishing Quiz

If you have always wondered about how people come up with quizzes and publish them, this is a must- read article for you. Online quiz making is the real thing today. No more manual testing of employees and even students. To keep up with the pace, you need to understand the whole process of making and publishing quizzes. It does not matter whether you are the assessor or the one to be assessed.

1. Choosing a suitable test maker

This could seem obvious but the truth is, deciding on what type of quiz maker to use can be tricky. This is because there are so many test makers out there. You could get confused and land on the wrong one.

To be safe, make sure you do some research about what makes a good quiz maker. Once you have that information, you are at a better position to decide what quiz making software to go for. Make sure you go for a simple, user friendly and upgradable test maker.

2. Compiling your test

Once you have the right test maker for your needs, you are now ready to come up with your test. It is good to have your questions written down to avoid wasting time thinking about what to write. It also makes your work a lot easier than you may realize. Open the quiz making software you have installed in your computer and start typing in the information you have.

Make sure you arrange your questions well. Ensure they are clear by avoiding ambiguity. Remember you will not be in person with the people you are assessing. They will not have an opportunity to seek clarifications from you. Use simple words. If you do not, then people will always avoid your site because of the ambiguity. People do not have time to figure out what you mean.

In case your quiz involves multiple choices, make sure the test maker you have supports that. A quiz maker that has a feature that takes care of multiple choices will make your work easy and enjoyable. It will ensure the choices are properly spaced thus making your quiz appear neat and appealing to the people that you intend to assess. Nothing discourages people like poorly spaced work.

Make sure the font size you use is comfortable to users. When considering which quiz maker to use, make sure you go for one that allows users to change the font size and the font style. This is for the obvious reason that people have different visual capabilities. You do not want to make the people you are assessing strain to see what you have typed.

3. Publishing your quiz online

Before you publish the quiz online, make sure you edit your work for any inconsistencies.

Publishing is all about making the quiz available to the people you want to assess. You can upload it to your email address for example or your blog. For the email, forward the quiz to whomever you want to assess. However, if you decide to use the blog option, then send the address and link to the participants of your quiz.


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