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How Can A Beginner Use Online Quiz Maker?

Tips For Using Online Quiz Maker For A Newbie

Way Of Using Online Quiz Maker

If you are new to the use of online quiz maker, you are definitely reading the right article. By the time you are done reading, you will have taken care of all the doubts and questions that you have had about quiz makers. Online quiz makers are developed to ease the formulation of questions and to enable online engagement between the assessor and the assessed. However, you might end up using a faulty quiz maker if you are not careful because there are so many of them in the market. That is why this article offers tips to help you use online quiz maker with no regrets.

1. Ease of use/usability

Make sure the quiz maker you are using is friendly to you. Do not go for something that is too complicated; one that gives you a hard time navigating through the features and the set ups. This means you need to do some research about quiz makers. You can get unbiased reviews from users about whatever quiz maker you are researching on.

2. The security of your account

There is nothing as devastating as finding out that your quiz has been accessed by unauthorized people. To avoid this hurdle as you use a quiz maker, ensure you go for a quiz maker that has made security of content the first priority. Otherwise, you will be shocked about how easily some people will have access to your work.

If it is a password you are setting up, make sure you come up with one that is difficult for anyone to know. However, make sure you can remember the hard password. You might end up locking yourself out of your account if you attempt logging in several times. This is because some online quiz makers block an account in case a wrong password is used. However, they unblock it when you report the problem.

3. Flexibility

A quiz maker that cares about the users is very vital. For example, go for a program that allows its users to change the font size of text. This will ensure you do not strain when using the quiz maker. If you are the assessor, make sure you use a font type that is easy to read; one that will not give the targeted people a hard time.

4. Available in a variety of versions

It is good to take your time and find out if your chosen quiz maker works on various platforms. This includes phones tablets, iPads and laptops. Some quiz makers may not support smartphone use. Such quiz makers are no good for you, if you rely so much on your phone.

5. Must be up to date

Developers of a good quiz maker understand the fact that technology changes every other day. Thus they will not be rigid but open to updates. That means that they will develop quiz makers that allow upgrades. Therefore, in case the version of the quiz maker you are using becomes out dated, all you need to do is upgrade it. You do not have to buy a new quiz maker all together. You will save money in the long run.


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