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Simplifying The Exam Procedure


Tutors need all the help they can get to set and monitor their exams in real time. This should be something that the tutors can use to monitor the current activities of their candidates including:
§  Completed exams
§  Dropped exams and number of attempts
§  Device name, browser and operating systems
§  Location details including IP address
Online exam tools can also be helpful to learners. They can get an opportunity to select the test mode for taking their exam. As a learner, you can choose the unused or even flagged questions to avoid taking repeated questions.

Here are some advantages of using online tools:

Simple exam preparation

Choose a tool that will help you to create multiple question papers for different subjects with minimal effort and time. This can be a big help to schools that have been spending many hours to prepare question papers, check answer sheets, evaluate results and prepare progress cards for high number of students. It makes it easier to issue exams each week or month and monitor the overall performance by the students.

Teachers need skills to be more effective in their work and they can find time to give special attention to their student. Online exam boosts the confidence of students because it is not in the traditional examination setting. The latter causes panic amongst the learners. This confidence in turn helps students to perform better.

Allows performance in multiple tests

Exam management,  when done on the internet, is a very economical way for students to take multiple mock tests before they take the most competitive major exam. When your students take several mock tests, you can gauge their academic performance before the major exam and the areas that need improvement. 

Students can take part in state, national or international level remotely without the need to be physically present in an exam room. It can be customized to meet preferences of individual schools or colleges to ensure that there is effectiveness in the performance of the students and academic institutions as a whole.

Simplifies evaluation process

You need to simplify the entire evaluation process. It is an amazing tool for schools or colleges to eliminate the long formalities associated with the traditional exam procedure. If you choose to set the exam online, maybe it will help you to skip formalities like creating a question paper, fill registration details of candidates and further evaluation of results before sending them out.
Industry experts make even the most competitive exam process to be safe and convenient. It is even more efficient as it is designed to reduce probability of errors that occur during the evaluation. At the end of the process, results are easy to obtain with just few clicks.

Technology has revolutionized the exam system today. It is a significant advancement in education and each school should make it (technology) part of the examination system as it helps to save time and effort. It also saves paper.

Internet and computers are easy to access nowadays hence it has become accepted in most academic institutions.


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