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How to Save Time on Your Exam

Ideas to Help You Take and Complete Your Exam in Good Time

When taking an exam whether online or in a brick and mortar exam room, time is crucial. Many people fail or get disqualified not because they were not well prepared, but because they spend too much time on questions that they cannot answer, at the expense of the questions that they can answer fast and get right.

Offer exam online or offline ?

It is up to you really, whether or not you offer an online exam. However, teachers, trainers, educators, businesses, employers and any other professionals who are in charge of group that needs frequent testing on what they have learnt use online exams. As we said, time is crucial during an exam and you should do everything possible to save as much of it as possible.

During exams, you will be using everything that you can to pass, but only use the right methods. If you are a lecturer, you will need to mark the exams in good time. You can use online tools even when making your very first exam and nobody will notice the difference. This has been a challenge for teachers setting their first exams because they do not know the type of questions to set or the kind of score to allocate for each segment of questions.

When preparing the test/exam, even the tricky types of questions that need order, matching, tables, graphs and so on, you will need to prepare thoroughly in such a way that the test answers are not so obvious to the examinees. If there are tests and quizzes that you have been using for long to assess learning of your students or trainees, you can get ideas from those existing questions.

How to set a good online exam

You should ensure that your online exam has the following features, to make it as real as possible :

§  Multiple questions

§  Fill in the blanks

§  Multiple choice

§  Short answers

§  List with prompts

§  Matching

§  Table

§  diagram

§  Checklist

§  Order

§  Statement

§  Essay

§  True/false

The combination of test types of questions helps in thorough evaluation of learning in the subject areas.

An online test enables users to access other options like question sharing, different professional layouts, custom certificatemaker and mobile support.

There is also the randomization feature that helps to change order of selected questions and generate several tests from one question set.

Saving options

As the examiner, will have the option to create answer sheets for your examinees to record their answers then save the actual exam document for use in future. This provision helps you to save on the cost of paper and photocopying.

The answer sheet simplifies the marking. You will simply place answer an answer sheet atop the answer key on some lighted surface like an overhead projector. When you do this, it only takes seconds to score the entire test.

You can set just one exam and then use the design to activate the ones you plan to examine on and deactivate the others for future use. Test takers will answer any selected questions at a time and you can still re-assign some selected question by turning them on or off as the situation demands.

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