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Easy to Use Exam Testing Software for Customized Exams

Exam testing software includes many features so each business, teacher, or organization that needs to create an exam will have the tools and opportunities to create the exam they desire.

When you create an account on the exam testing website, you will get access to instructor accounts where you will go to create the examination and review the examinations that are taken. A lot of companies now have exams that they require prospective employees to take before the people are considered for job placement. This exam testing software allows companies to establish the exams they need to use in order to screen prospective clients.

The Exam Testing Software is Flexible

The best part of the exam testing software instructor accounts is the flexibility of the accounts. Each person that is signed in as an instructor can be delegated specific tasks that they will be in charge of. No one account instructor will be responsible for every aspect of the testing. The instructor portion allows you to establish what each instructor is in control of and then relax and let those instructors do their jobs.

The software allows the instructors to create the questions while they are online at the website. The software also allows instructors to write their questions when they are not online and then upload the questions when they do get online. That means that the creation of the questions can be done at your convenience. This makes the test making a little less stressful.

Exam testing software has been created to help create online testing. We are not worried about our name being on the front page of every test that is created using our software. We allow our customers to establish their logos on their front pages so that people know who they are testing with. We are the support team in the back that makes certain that each of our clients has the test developed that they want people to take, and that people have no difficulties accessing and taking the tests. Think of us as one of your silent partners.

Mobile Exam Testing Software Access

We know that there are a lot of people who access the Internet via mobile devices instead of laptop computers or desktop computers. We took this information into consideration when we designed the software and we made certain that people could access our software while using mobile devices. We want each of our customers to have full access to their account at all times, and we want to provide a way for everyone to be able to access the tests that our customer’s device.

Exam testing software allows you to reach out to all of the people, students, potential employees, or coworkers that may need to take the tests you have developed. Each of your test takers will be allowed to self-register, so this will take some of the pressure off of the test makers.

We wanted our software to make the development and administering of your tests to be easier and to be reachable by everyone you would like to take the test. This software revolutionizes how online testing is created and carried out.


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