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How Can A Beginner Get Started Setting Great Quizzes?

Tips for Setting Quizzes

Do you have an online business? One of the best ways to generate more targeted traffic to your website, capture leads and engage the customers is to make an online quiz. Creating quizzes might not be your area, but it is not easy to do it using online quiz creator. A few resources will also help you to publish the quiz.

Creating a quiz using technology saves much time and effort as compared to the traditional way of creating an on-paper quiz. In fact, this was a reserve of few gifted individuals.

When you get started on a quiz, it is a learning experience like no other. By the time you finish, you will have learnt much about the entire process yourself.

The first step is to determine the kind of quiz you want to create in order to determine the most suitable resources that you should use.

These are the basic types of quizzes:

1. Tally quiz

This is type of quiz where a specific score is assigned for each core. The final quiz score will be compared with set of some pre-defined ranges based on result that a person who takes a quiz falls into a specific range and will be slotted to a category.

For example, a quiz question can be "Are you healthy"? If your score falls between 1 and 25, you are very healthy; 25 and 50 you are slightly healthy; 50 and 75 you need to check your health levels 75 and 100 you are unhealthy and need to do something about it.

2. Scored quiz

When you prepare this kind of quiz, know that each question has a right answer and a wrong answer. You have to set a minimum number of correct questions called the passing score so that quiz takers who select enough correct answers that match or beat the passing score can pass.

For example, you can set a question asking quiz takers the number of countries they know. If you have 20 questions, the passing score can be 15 out of 20.

3. Outcome quiz

This is a new type of quiz that you do not assign a score but just an outcome. It is mostly carried on social media. Based on their selection, quiz takers are assigned an outcome that is selected the most.

You can, for example, ask what kind of animal are you? Lion, brave and calculating; a hare - small but cunning; camel - slow but resilient.

The advantage of using technology is that they help you to create any of above quizzes within a short time. You just follow the provided steps to create a fun to play quiz. They have many features, statistical insights and stylish options for making a quiz to be more interesting.

A good online quiz should have great usability, should be neat and have tools to enable you published a quiz on your site.

If you want to create an online quiz branded on your website, find one that has a number of gaming elements, learning principles and social features.


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